Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor HATERS!

well well,
wel all know dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie,out first Angkasawan.i am so proud of hin.but then,when u be the best,there will be others who want to see u be last.i read some blogs and reviews saying that sending him too the ISS was just a waste of money,he is not a real cosmonaut and that he was chosen to be an angkasawan because your father is a dato'.

I read that slong with my friends and all we can say is SCREW THEM! dr.musz u rocks!u hear that!u ROCKS!


i am sorry but that's what we high school students's our way of saying "i'm proud of you". aha.

ok, some say that he are a space tourist.and their point are?so what?he is still the first malaysian to go outerspace.and the most good looking astronaut suposse. :p

we all know that his father is a dato.and yeah, child of dato always have good "cables". aha. but think abt it. this is an angkasawan prog. not a college application or such. i read that he have to go through mane test and practice to achieve the title "angkasawan negara". yet, he manage to pass the test and flew to ISS. and if he was chosen cuz of your father, why waste money on test and training? might as well the government just send him there.

the conslusion is,
those people are just plain jealous.because he are multy talented.u are a doctor,a model, an entrepeneur, and the first angkasawan once again Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor rocks!

p/s: i wrote and essay abt him during my english finak exam. is it entitled "people i admire". C=

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~wan hidayat~ said...

hye my little sis..i never noe that u have u noe how exciting blogging...u might be addicted!!!..well good trial sis, keep blogging...just express and share everything with ppl out there...cheersss!!!

w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...
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deserv5 said...

ngaa... i, for one gotta say that sending him IS a waste of M'sian money.

Granted, that he is
1. a MO in Othopaedics,
2. a degree and would be Masters holder,
3. he is fit and passed the astronaut exams,
4. anak Dato' and good looking (in your point of view. though it carries little weight)

my question would be:
1. why not specifically send aeronautics military personnel? (since the our pilots would face negative and positive G-forces during their duty.)

2. why not send a geologist, or a telco engineer? (they would provide better building OR better, cheaper telco coverage)

3. why not use the money to the betterment of the Malaysian public?

summing it up:
it is not because we're jealous cuz he got to go and its not us ourselves. it is because the cost of sending him and his teammate is close to RM105 million. (let say lah wikipedia tipu, and its only RM50 mill; it is still alot of money!)

that money can be used for Kelapa sawit R&D, Industrial R&D in local Uni or heck a good PR job for our SMEs. anything that would provide a boost in Malaysian local product and services.

1. what do Malaysian as a whole get from the space programme?
a. global publicity (it's just a show and tell. at least Petronas TwinTowers provided revenue long after the publicity waned)
b. a proud feeling
c. a mark in Space Aviation history
d. ....probably a boost of tourism ?

most the 'haters' that you've read about is not jealous, they're just being rational adults. adults do think about money, and pride.
with that kind of money, which news headline is better for the pride of Malysians?:

on a good note;
if anybody asks "is the sending of dr.Sheikh Muszaphar to space worth it?"

i would reply "he better develope a repair-broken-bone-in-a-day medication kit..."