Friday, October 5, 2007

Simply Me.Simple Lily.

Lily Cartina bt Affendi,complicated,complex,,cheerfull!,friendly,sensitive,full of love. Recently turn sixteen on 18 August. Was born,breed,eat,sleep,play,rest,fall,rise,bleed,heal,fall in love,fall our of love,smile,cry,study,freak out,give in,stand up,lay back,simply everything in The City of Palm,Kuantan,Pahang. Receive my early education in S.K Tok Sira,Kuantan. Then,grow up to be a teenager,spend my adolesence years in S.M.K Abdul Rahman Talib,Kuantan,which is the best place to be at the momment. No kidding! I love my Mama and Papa.Pa,Rest in Peace k.I miss you. My adeks, Jamie and Izat. I just cant live without my cousins around me. They are Kak Nana,Kak Nurul,Kak Mimie,Kak Zana,Icha,Ninie,Iqah,Yayan, and a whole lot more which will make my hand numb if i tyme em all..But dun fret guys,even though your name is not here,I still love u guys!aha. Have 3 very very best friends.hell yeah they are they best. I'm so thankful to The Almighty for giving me such friends. I really appreciate them. They are precious as diamonds. These people are Syarifah,Sabrina,Maula,Shair and Sha.Sy sayang korang sampai mati ok! I am soooooo into purple which is why almost all my stuff are basically purple.When I was younger,I use to get on the deck and kill some tricks.basic small tricks actually.but that was back then.I quit after i twistes my left knee 90 deegree anti-clockwise and tore my cool is that?aha.
Music is basically everyone teenagers artery and veins that without em the blood wont flow and we'll die.Me,i'm into underground music such as avenged sevenfold,finch,cradle of filth,hujan,mocca,the academy is,etc! I also loves nasyid and they are actually the best music to my ears and they have the most beautiful words in their songs. Saujana and InTeam have the best songs ever.I love to read esp books written by Nicholas Sparks and also fairy tales.The thing about me is,I really am complex and people think they know me,but they actually dont.Only people who are really close to me know me.Because I talk but I dun tell.and..I am a pathetic Single loser.

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