Friday, November 9, 2007

Reality check : Looks is everything.

Some may say, no looks isn't everything. there are some other things matters in this world such as education, attitude, religion, etc..etc.. Reality Check. if u see an ugly women carrying a bag full of groceries. would u help her?guess not. i bet you dont even bother to look at her. but if she is a slim and slender hot chick, u'll help her even if she's carrying a bag of paper clips. ok, you will say u can still be superb if u are highly educated. Reality Check. let say, when the spm results camo out and a girl(not bein gbias or anything but it is always a girl when they announce the top scorer for spm)is announce as a top scorer.scorer 19a1.but still ,people look in the paper and say "well, she's not that preety.." ouh.hell yeah they say that. see, no matter how smart u are, people still judge you by the looks.and yeah, a person with a great looks tend to get more attention, more compliment, more everything in everything they does. when u have the looks, u dont even have to be smart to get a job. u can flunk the exam and still get paid thousands for modelling. there, u can make money just for being beautiful. life is easier for beautiful people. for those unfortunate ugly fat people like me, we have to work hard. but like i said, no matter how gard we work, we wont get that much credit as the beautiful people does. like me, I scored straight a's in my exam. but my family dont even care. because i am the ugliest among them. sometimes, even my family make fun of me. i dont really mind if a stranger come to me and say "god,here comes a giant" "look, she wont even fit the door" . if it is a stranger, somrone who i dont even know who they are, i done care, i dont give a damn. but now, it is my family, my own flesh and blood. they are tho ones saying "god, your pants can fit 2 person in em!" "damn, can u please stop eating?" "sorry..u're too big.u can't fit in the car.". it hurts. a lot i tell u. sometimes u cry,wondering what have i done wrong? yeah, i have a wonderful family. they are all extreamly beautiful, slim, preety. but i am the Ugly duckling,the blacksheep,the fat one. and yeah,they make fun of me. everytime i am with my cousins, i feel so bad. i feel like, i dont belong there. and my aunties hardly give any attention to me. they just dont care. they care more of the beautiful ones. and sometimes, i am like not allowed to say anything. because anything that i ay are sort of not acceptable. but when the others do ar say wnything, everything is right,everything is good. and the best part, i know that my aunties sometimes talk abt me behind my back. they text among each other. some say that i am too fat and no clothes will fit into me and they make a joke out of it. they laugh at me. it hurts. see, looks is averything. when u're ugly, u basically have nothing. nothing at all. it's very sad.

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pinkysakura said...

hey..looks is not really a matter considered as an ugly duckling what..heee.. but as long as you believe in yourself,you'll get the the others that you are strong..just ignore what others said..i know we live with others,but just be and trust yourself~wink*

your aunty said...

you got it all wrong there lily. You are just presuming things about your cousins and yr aunties. No body ever looked down on you. You are just as pretty and attractive like all your cousins. And you should know you are equally brainy and pretty like them. Don't ever downgraded yourself. We are proud of you, very2 proud of you.