Sunday, November 18, 2007

The WORST Dentist Experience.

I'm going to put on braces therefore,I need to pull out 4 teeth.I'm not sure why though.aha.well,today is my second time pulling out my tooth.The first was fine, but it hurts when they injected the anastacia.well, I went to the dentist. waited in the waiting launge and ting tong the screen displayed number 4,my number, it's time for me to go is my second time but i was nervous like hell. I went in the treatment room, i lay down on the dental chair(u know,the chair that they use in the dentist),the dentist was ready to inject the anastasia but then u freak out.seriously. i almost cried and the dentist(well,she was a young she was new) was also nervous and ask for the nurse's help. i guess the nurse have been working there longer than the dentist so she can handle the situation.therefore, she ask me to calm down and relax in the waiting launge for a few momment until i am ready.gosh,that was kinda emberassing.really. after a few momments, i was called back. well, i feel more relaxed now but still have the remaining freaking out feeling. again, i lay down and close my eyes. but the nurse asked me to open my eyes and i asked why. she said if i close my eyes i may get unconsious. ouh man, i wanted to close my eyes cuz i dont wanna see the needles and players or whatsover apparatus the dentist are using. like it or not, i have to open my eyes, the thing i remembered is that there was a male nurse that is smiling and i think he wanted to laugh at me. hurmhurm. well, there it goes. i was injected. outch,it hurts! . the left side of my mouth went numb, and the dentist told me that i wont feel the pain but i'll feel the pressure. ok,fine. cuz i stil remember it dont hurt that much when i pull out my tooth before. in fact, i hardly feel anything when they pull out my tooth due to the anestatic.but that was before. not, it's different. the doc pull out my tooth and i can actually feel the teeth moving ouh of my tooth. i guess that was pressure. but is pressure so much pain..? is it the same thing. halfway, i cant stand the pain. i cant relax. so the doc push my gums and ask if it's painful. i nodded. then,she told me that the anastasia wasn't enough so she's gonna have to inject more. For heaven's sake! my tooth was pulled out without enough anastacia. it is like waking up in the middle of a neuro operation. God,no wonder it hurts so much! once again, i have to bare the pain of being injected. after that, i didn't feel much pain while she was pulling out my tooth. thank God it's over.but hey, there is always a silver lining in every cloud. after so much pain i have to bare, the dentist advice me to eat cold and soft food. cold + soft = ice-cream!. yummy!yeah! i get to eat ice-cream and only ice-cream throughout the day.yum!yum!

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