Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 - From a Girl to a Young Lady

two thousand seven.dua ribu almost over.many happened throughout this year.but the main thing is that i've grown up.from a girl to a young lady.i had a few life changing experience.i learn that life isn't all fun and play. and that things do happen for a reason. no matter if it's bad or good, there will be a reason behind it. esp if it's bad, there is a major good reason behinf it. and without it, life will be meaningless.plain meaningless.

early this year, around january,
i lost a person who i think is the love of my life.well,i broke up.aha.silly me.i love him.i do.a lot.but something happened and he ask for a broke up.about 2 months before the broke up, we're in a situation that we call a critical phase.he stopped answering my calls,replying my sms, in short, he just dont care abt me anymore. i was depressed. i was sad but i hid it. but,my ustazah,beloved ustazah,Ustazah Amirah saw the sadness inside me which nobody does. she confronted me so i told her my story. then,she told me something very deep. she said Lily dear, u can work hard ro achieve success,but no matter how hard u work, u can never force someone to love you.if u love him,let him go. then i realise that i've held him too tight until he cant breath.poor him.i took my ustazah's words and that night,i end hurts so was hard.but i told myself,let him go.let him be happy. and that night, i decided to be a better me. i decided to cover my aurat in a proper way. i will never forget that was Maaf Hijrah. and i have hijrah to be a better me. Alhamdulillah

In school,I too became a more hardworking person. i admit, that i was a lazybum when i was younger. but then i came to realise that in the upper form, i cant play around. there are so many things that u need to remember.i play hard, but work harder.aha.i too made some new bestfriends. they are Sabrina and Syarifah.i thank god for giving me 2 awesome friends. there are very nice people and they actually care abt me,they accept me the way i am.and they lead me to a better pathway. bowh in my moral and in my studies. thanks guys.

Mid 2007, i was chosen to be a prefect. in SMART, being a prefect is not easy. u really have to be a good person,a role model to the others. it is a duty. thinking that i have to be a role model to others, i became a more carefull person. both in my words ans act. i tried to be the best of me. and i tried to make the best out of others. Later in August, i was chosen as the Social Affair Executive.I have a bigger job now. i have to take care of the social of the students of the school.let say, if there is a students with a bad moral, i need to help that person. and if there is a student with a financial problem, it's my job to help them. It's not easy,but i'll try. and i love doing it. i love to help people.I just love to see the smile on their faces.

At the end of the year,the holidays!
what a bless.aha.well,my first vacation trip is to Malacca. a school was cool.and it was free.we get to stay in a good hotel there.most of my friends were there and that what makes the trip so much fun.i didn't bring much cash but it's ok.i just need to pay for the meals along the's didn't cost much.then,i came back to kuantan,my cousin,Icha and Nini came back from Sarawak.boy i miss them so much.Kak Nana went to Texas for some work but came back with a purple Esprit handbag for me. yeay! kak mimie and kak zana was away most of the time. well,almost all of my cousins are here. glad to be with them.

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