Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Too Serious Too Soon

Rossa - Atas Nama Cinta

yeah, that song is my new addiction. actually, this is not a new song. it's quite old but then, i have no idea why i just recently get addicte to this song. today to be exact. i heard it in the car on my way back from UMP. then i just cant get anough of it i think due to the lyrics.

well, here are the part of the song that just cant get out of my head.

Mengapa yang lain bisa
Mendua dengan mudahnya
Namun kita terbelenggu
Dalam ikatan tanpa cinta

Atas nama cinta
Hati ini tak mungkin terbagi
Sampai nanti bila aku mati
Cinta ini hanya untuk engkau
Atas nama cinta
Kurelakan jalanku merana
Asal engkau akhirnya denganku
Kubersumpah atas nama cinta

i know, it's kind corny. jiwang karat. aha. but then, i dunno why it get stuck in my head after i heard in the car today. well, it usually happens for those who are in love. but duh~ i dun hav any bf now. but then, i guess i juz wanna be love by someone.maybe. i dont know. a part of me says i'm happy being single. but i guess a part of me is lonely and want to be loved by someone. maybe. who knows?someone please tell me. aha. let me tell u something. i am 16years old. yeah, still very young. masih mentah, belom digoreng kate syamie, junior form 1 ku. aha. lucu bdak tuh. and yeah, still kanak-kanak riang . i even act like one. konon2 cute aha. prasan gile. but then, deep inside me, i know there's a grown up young lady in there. well, for those who dont realy know me mayb will say that this is plain stupid. but for those who know me, they might say yeah,true, lily is like that. i know, i puji diri sendiri neyh. mcm tito kate, naik lift tekan butang naik sendiri. aha. but really, some people may age dont understand me. i have been raised my mother since my father passed away in 1995. i was 4 at that time. i lost someone i love so much and that is the biggest lesson i have ever learn. appreciate someone u love and love you. this includes everyone. family, friends, anyone. it alse teach me to have have a big heart. it teach me that now everyone i very fortunate. now, i'm focusing on my love life. yerp, relationships. well, i broke up in january . i think he just wants someone close to him and someone older. well,he is 20 and loves in kl. and he thinks i am a kid and i can be play around,he thinks i'm too young to be serious. but that is so wrong. really. why? because eventhough i am 16, i know that love and others feelings isn't something to be play around. i know that love is a big think and he ought to handle them with care. i am serious in a relationship and i think that's why freak guys out. cuz i suposse most guys aren't ready for serious relationship. not yet. not now. that is why after i broke up with him, i an more careful and frankly i am kinda scared to start a new relationship. when i told someone that i love them, i mean it. esp if that person is my bf. only Allah knows how much i love him. and i try not to hurt him. but then , some people just dont appreciate that. and it is very difficult to find someone who does. I pray to Allah to open my heart to love only the person that is meant to be with me. the man who he has decided to be with me since the first day i was born. yes, a part of me is lonely. i want to be loved like everyone else. i too want to say "i love you" to a guy i love. i too want to talk on the phone for hours with him. but i havent meet him. not yet. but i know i will. and whn i do, i will dedicate this song to him. Atas Nama Cinta.

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amiruddin said...

everybody wants to be loved by somebody. x kisah family or friends. that's what that brought us alive. u r still young, many things that lily blh bljr psl cinta. talking from my experience, choose to love the people yg blh accept baik buruk lily. don't get backstabbed dgn org yg lily dah give all trust and faith. it'll hurt a lot. best song that fits the whole situation is jojo's too little too late.