Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hanging out in UMP.

wahahha..lame suda tak update ini blog.ehehhehe..well,'s out!freak out!aha. actually,this school holiday is kinda boring. mayb cuz I dun get to go anywhere interesting. wanted to go to kl but there's a hole in my pocket. been missing Syaiful Azlie lately.but what the hell, he's with his new gf now. happier than ever i guess. well,glad that he is doing goes on. :) I actually hav no idea on what to type but i hav this nagging feeling that i want to type something. aha. mayb it is due to a different feeling of using someone else's laptop.aha.
using Amir's laptop now. who is Amir? just someone i met in UMP. oh yeah, i'm in UMP now. no, i didn't skip high school and go straight to do my deegree. i'm not that smart you know. i'm here to see the Debat Perpaduan. my mama is one of the judges here so i just sort on hang around and learn something here. plus, i make some new friends and met some old huh?aha. hurhurm, amir is one on the new ones. met him a few days ago. he is one of the debater. my first impression towards him is that he is tall. ahehahe. he is the tallest among the others i suposse. and he is...well, kinda cute i guess. aha. and there is also my best companion, the very glamorous Tito. aha. he's a sarawakian and he is very fun to be with. seriously. i never get bored being with him. he is a dancer and he will be performing during the finals.and there's,not the singer, he is this guy who i think is shy at first then gets along with me after a while. throughout the debate, i think my fave debater is Fairuz from UMS. he is like, whoa, amazing! seriously. u'll enjoy seeing him debating with his Sabahan slang and his slumber attitude. really cool. he is also very chubby and cute. and yeah, my fave team is also UMS. everyone practically like em and hoping for em to win.fighting!and there is also a good looking guy from UIA. Syazwan, the best overall debater. he is very good looking. seriously. hhe is fair, tall and just handsome. but UIA lost to UMS. ehehhee.. still, he is good looking. aha. i met a lot of people there and they are all fun to be with. really. dengan mulut laser dorang. laha gile mulut. serious. esp Abg Hafizul and Law. ehehhee.. but i enjoy being there and hope to see u guys again.

2 screams:

amiruddin said...

nice knowing u lily. keep in touch and take care.

Raja Azrul said...

Thanks for coming UMP..

Why don mention my name and abg azwan?...Hehehe..taknak kawan!!