Thursday, January 10, 2008

5 minutes with Lily Cartina.

Happy Maal Hijrah!
ehehhe..form suda Lily Cartina neyh yea. kejap je. tapi form 5 pon,org still panggel budak kecik.bia ah. tatao nape tetibe rase mcm na type je. tadek idea pon na type ape actually. hurmhurm. lately, sy rase mcm agak lonely. honestly,because all my friends have a bf and i dont. aha. yeah,mmg agak poyo and gedik, but sometimes rase mcm na gak ade teman kan. na jgak say "i love you" to someone. but since tadep org, rase mcm,sdey lak.ehehe. poyo gle. but i think i will not get carried away with this thing. SPM ngah menanti. jadi in the mean time,couple la ngan buku text dlu yea Lily.

I like mysterious guys. misterious is mysterious.? well,as mysterious as Warren Peace of Sky High. no,I'm not talking about Steven Strait the actor. though he's a good looking man. but he's not as mysterious as his character, Warren Peace. there's also Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights.
he's an alcoholic footballer with a desire to be loved. I like these guys because there are usually a softer them lying quietly beneath those sour and tight face,inside those sharp stares,those numb lips that hardly curve a smile,those tight jaw, there's a fun side of them that is waiting to be discovered. ehehehehhhe.but those guys i mentioned were just characters. they aren't real. will i ever find my misterious guy.?Only God Knows.

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