Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Beatles Cartoon.

Oh yeah I tell you something, I think U'll understand. when I say that something, I wanna hold your hand!I wanna hold your hand!

yerp.that's I wanna hold your hand.I love that song.aha.
A few days ago my mama told me about The Beatles cartoon she saw when she was a kid. and i was like, "what ta heck!the beatles have their own cartoon?how come i never know about that?". then i realised mama told me that she saw the cartoon when she was a kid. that was waaaaaayyyy back before i was born. me,being a Beatles fan, of course want to see the animated version of them. I go to Youtube and searched "The Beatles cartoon" and voila! there they are!Even the 1965 episode 1 was there. man,it sure was long ago. waaayyy long ago. but people are still watching them. conclusion,The Beatles are timeless.Paul McCartney are still rocking, Ringo Starr are still going strong. John Lennon and George Harrison(the most good-looking member of The Beatles) may had their funeral, but they never really die. The Beatles rocks.

well, here's the cartoon i've been talking about.check it out.u'll love it. well, those aren't voices of John,Paul,George and Ringo.but hey,it's still The Beatles cartoon.

A Hard Days Night
Episode 1,1965

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