Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger dies at 28.

Yes,it's him. The very good looking Australian actor,the star of 10 Things I hate About You and several more movies. but his role as Patrick Verona in that movie is my fave.And now he's was unbelivable.

Ledger was found nakes and irresponsive on his apartment in New York. it was believe that his death is dueto drugs overdose but they are running an autopsy to confirm the real cause of death.

it is a tragic lost especially to the entertaiment world. ledger was very young and fresh. his careen was just taking off. but it ended with a tragic death.

Joining the tribute are stars including Mel Gibson,John Tralvota and Nicole Kidman. Not to forget, Australia's Prime Minister Kenny Rudd who said that Australia have lost one of the nation's finest actor. well, I'm sure they do.

Heath Ledger was a fine actor.He just recently completed filming The Dark Knight which he played Batman's arch-for the Joker.

well, Heath Ledger will always be remember as a young,talented and down to earth actor,my favourite actor.Heath is one of the actor who died at the peak of their careers.Similar case happens to James Dean, Marylin Monroe, Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix. and they were never forgotten and stayed young.

Rest In Peace
Heathcliff Andrew Ledger

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