Monday, January 21, 2008

Right in a Wrong way.

sometimes.kite na tolong org,but org tanak accept pertolongan kite. yang pasti org tuh tgh susah.mmg ma,sy neyh bdak skola, org tuh ade masalah besa. ok,honestly,dye kne kick out of uitm.tanak bgtao siape cuz takmao aibkan dye.well,dye dlu penah wat jahat kat sy.sakit hati sgt ngan dye.but think to think abt it, sedangkan Nabi pon maafkan umat, sy pon maafkan dye. sy ta wat salah ape ngan dye but sy g apologize ngan dye. fine. ta kesah la tu. now, dye tgh susah. tatao la nk kesian or not. but as a friend, kesian la kat dye. dda sem 5. 1 sem je lagi. but kne kick. so i call dye. bgtao dye i know wht happen. sy na cakap lagi but suddenly dye mencelah kate "u kalo tak menyibuk pasal i takle ke?" and i was like, right, i should hang up. so, trase diri sgt hina, i told that person "well,whtever happens, juz remember that when one door closed,another door opened." and he was like, "yeah,whatever.." and letak phone.

I just wanted to help but i end up pissing off someone.
i dont know what have i done wrong until that person hates me so much.

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