Thursday, January 10, 2008

U.G.L.Y.You don't belong here,bye bye.

I am a girl with an appearance issue.but i try to keep positive and accept me for who I am.I keep motivating myselp and say that I have a lot more to show than my looks. I have to admit,I am quite a brainy.I am an outspoken person. I an a good public speaker which not many of us are.well,I believe that I do have something that others dont. but all those motivations, words of wisdon fade away when people start complaining abt me, my appearance,my weight. ok, I am fat.really fat. I am ugly. I dont have porcelaine skin. I dont have angelina jolie's lips. I gont have adriana lima's legs. I dont have giselle's curves. I have trouble looking for outfits. i know who I and i think people too see them. and they love to point it out. ouh yes,they love to talk abt out loud. they speak as if i dont have a if i dont have a feeling. yes, I know that all you people out there are beautiful unlike me. but that don't give you the rights to offend me. now i'm telling you,yes,i do feel offended.but i just keep it to myself for all these years. and yes,i hate it when you point out my flaws. it hurts.seriously,it hurts a lot.

u see, when u're too ugly,no matter what u do,how great u are inside, people will never accept u for who u are. look, there's a lot more in me. please, take me as I am. I know I am not perfect but i people are making me feel like I am worthless just because I am ugly. and those beautiful people ade define as perfect. look at me. I have more to offer than my looks.

Heavy breathing
u start to cry
u cannot find
a way out
cant turn around
just to get away from ur reflection
the mirror is grasping u tightly
u cant stand mirrors
u break them all
the bad luck courses through u
ur heart is racing
tears fall from ur eyes
and u cant deny
the reflection in the mirror
arms drawn towards ur body
fists are tightly closed
And u jolt towards the mirror
it crumbles and cracks
beneathe u it lays
as ur hands are numb and ur fingers bleed
u cant deny what is in the mirror.

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amiruddin said...

beauty is not all about appearance, it's the confidence that you have inside you. let it out, it will control u to the greater good. not all miss universe and miss world that beautiful you know. but it was their confidence that brought them to the top.