Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yours truly.

i want to be your friend
so i can know you more

i want to be yout companion
so i can be with you all the time

i want to be your buddy
so you will feel comfortable when you're with me

i want to be your hope
so i can make you strong during your most difficult times

i want to be your faith
so i can be the one you trust the most

i want to be your dream
so i can make them come true

i want to be wish
so i can grant them

i want to be your music
so you'll feel good when i'm around

i want to be your cartoon
so i'll make you laugh even you dont feel like laughing

i want to be your water colours
so i can fill you with colours when you're blank

i want to be your last piece of puzzle
so you'll be complete when you have me

i want to be your map
so i can guide you when you're lost

i want to be yours
so i can love and care for you even when the world turn their back on you

3 screams:

Raja Azrul said...


ada bakat mcm mama u? Suka tulis poetry..

Mana tahu nnt boleh jadik pemuisi terkenal malaysia..

Mama u terkenal dengan boneka
Lily terkenal dengan hmm....??


WanHidayat said...

Salam, my dearest lily....damn poetic...need more reading to be Shakespears....heheheheh...bila nak ajak mama datang Miri....abg tunggu cni....

rifa said...

na nanges bace poem ney.
aaa. apsal emo sgt mlm ney.
tensi tensi.