Saturday, February 9, 2008

Five A.M

nope..i dont wake up at 5 am.I have not sleep.and I'm not sure if i will.I drank coffee.which have a major effect on me.half table spoon of coffee will keep awake for 24 hours and i dont feel all.hell yeah,coffee rocks.thick,black bitter coffee.i actually have no idea on what to's just bored still.and have nothing better to do.and i need to talk.since i have no one to talk to.i think i'll just speak to

since i cant sleep and have no initiative to sleep.i did sum of my homework.and watch a movie. last night i watched 10 Things I hate About You for the 6th time.damn,i just cant get enough of that movie.hell yeah i'm gonna watch it again.and yeah,i miss Heath Ledger.sobs.

the download for The Devil Wears Prada has completed.i've been dying to watch that movie.and now i can.yeay!it's a great movie.about how a girl with no sense of style and dont even know how to spell Dolce and Gabbana end up being the favourite assistant of the editor of a major fashion magazine.yea,she has to make a few adjustment.a new makeover.with the help of the designer,she transform from dork to chic.then she put more effort in her job and walla,she's off to Paris for the Fashion Week.U know how people always say Be Yourself.well,base on this movie,i learn that no,u cant just be yourself.instead, be a better,dont be yourself.just the better you.and u'll impress the hell outta others.

currently listening to my all time favourite song. McFly - All About You. i've been addicted to this song since i was 14. i think because this song is just so simple yet very meaningful.this song really make me sort of have this thing.that makes me go so bubbly.and actually makes my heart beats faster.fill me with joy.and reminds me of that someone.i guess it's the combination of the song and that someone brings joy to me.those are my favourite lines of the song.

And I will answer all your wishes
if you ask me too
But if you deny me one of your kisses
don't what I'll do

So hold me close
and say the 3 words
like u use to do
Dancing on the kitches tiles
it's all about you

I love that song.seriously.really shine on me.bring the happiness out of me.and just remind me of the people i really care about.Mama,Jamie and Adik.Seriously.i don't know what i'll do without them.they are my heart.they are my soul.they are the air i breath.they keep me going.they are the blood running in me.I love you guys.seriously.and my cousins.god i feel so bad for not seeing them for quitte a while.miss them like hell.i do.but then,i have other things to think of my dear cousins.not that i dont love you or anything.but please understand my situation.i love you.really.and i miss u guys a guys make my life worth guys have been there for me.i know i annoy u.but u still accept me.thank u.i miss being with u guys.make me feel so nothing else matters.I miss laughing with all of u.I miss crying with all of u.I miss everything.god,i'm so gonna cry now.

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nota.kematian said...

wah wah wah...
nak gula gula kat gambar di atas tu bleh?
sangat menarik dan nampak macam sangat sedap...