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Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 1)

Drummer and Guitarist
You're from a small town, you're gonna grow up fast


James Gregory Sanders was a 20 year old English Literature student in UCLA.Quiet and mysterious,Jimmy was known as the kind of guy who doesn't talk much.He was best left doing his own thing.Talked only to people who were really close to him.People like Helena Aubrey Paulos.

His watch showed 8.40 am.Time for class.Jimmy being a drummer with issues never really cared about being late to class.He took his time from his dorm to the faculty.Inhale the morning fresh air.Feeling them brushed against his skin.He always loved it.Jimmy knew he was nearly 15 minutes late but he was too "busy" too care.

8.50 am.He was finally at the door of the classroom.Twisted the knob and the door opened.He stepped in and closed the door behind him.Everyone looked at him.Not only because he was late,but because Jimmy was blessed with stunning looks.With broad shoulder and lean waist.The ladies saw Jimmy walking across the room as if he was walking across the runway.His mesmerizing green eyes really stood out with his black hair and milky white skin.Sometimes Jimmy got a little confuse of all the attention because he did nothing to himself.Dressed in mostly black.The jeans and band t shirt were like his daily uniform.A tattoo written "drummer" just below his collar bone and tattoo of an angel on his left arm.

Greeted the lecturer,Mrs.Baker and looked for an empty seat.There were a few.But his eyes quickly move to this one particular spot.The spot next to the girl in purple.Her black hair nearly reached her waist.Wrist occupied with colorful bangles.She liked to wear accessories but Jimmy thought that her best accessories were her beautiful big brown eyes and her sweetest smile.Not even Tiffany's jewelery can compete with those.She looked at him and wave.Jimmy smiled back.She saved his a seat.She is Helena Paulos.She is Jimmy Sander's best friend.

She greeted him.Helena was the type of girl who the sun shone on her all the time even during the biggest hurricane.It was kind of hard to tell because physically she looked like a rock star.Helena was known for her best interest in collecting belt buckles and metal core music as well as guitars.She too screams a lot.People often misjudge her for being really wild.But deep inside Helena,there is a very sensitive girl.Always full of joy.Always glowing.Always so caring.Always so loving.
"Morning Helena"
Jimmy replied casually though he was so glad that she saved him a seat.Took his seat and flipped his notebook.Helena looked at him.
"Nothing.Just like looking at you.U are almost half and hour late but u act like nothing happen"
she said.
Jimmy pulled a sad face.
"Oh Helena,help me,I'm so late.What should I do?"
Jimmy being sarcastic.Helena couldn't help herself and laughed.
"Are my lessons so funny Miss Paulos?"
Mrs.Baker broke Helena's laughter.The class looked at her.Jimmy was trying so hard not to laugh.
"I'm sorry Mrs.Baker"
Her cheeks turned pink.Almost like scoops of strawberry ice-cream placed on her face.
She pinched Jimmy's arms.Jimmy slapped her cheeks playfully.
"Sorry.My bad"
Jimmy apologized,almost whispering not to grabbed Mrs.Baker's attention.Helena said nothing in reply but he knew that he was forgiven.because she is Helena.She never has grudge against others.Jimmy knew her too well.

They have been friends ever since they were 15.

5 years ago,Jimmy,a student of Rosary Count High School was still pretty much what he is now.Quiet and always doing his own thing.Not many people knew his life history.Jimmy knew that people wont like him if they knew what really happened to him,so he thought,might as well he just stay away from people.

One of those days,Jimmy was at the railway station waiting for the train.All of a sudden,a couple of guys grabbed his jacket and dragged him to a dark alley.
"I want my stuff now"
one of the guys voiced out.
Jimmy was young and alone.he was scared.
"Look,it is not with me.I don't have them.For real"
"Jimmy,do you want me to hurt your mom?"
"Please,not mom.She suffered to much already.Not mom dude.Not her"
Those guys laughed like maniacs.
"very well Mama's boy.You we cant hurt mom,you will do the honors in taking her place"
before Jimmy knew it,a fist hit his cheekbones.Followed by his stomach.he raised his arms to fought back but they were grabbed so hard that he couldn't move.Multiple punches and kicks hit him.Jimmy felt blood on his lips.and he could hardly opened his eyes now.
"Mike!cut it out!"
A girl's voice came out of no where.
Then Jimmy heard laughers.
"Look at that,a babe" one of the guys said.
"Helena baby,what brings you here??"
"I'm not your baby stop calling me that.and stop whatever you are doing now."
The girl replied.
"What do I get if I do?"
Mike asked and moved closer to Helena.Placed his hands on her arms.
"Let go Mike"
"What if I wont?"
She screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Holy Shit!!let her go Mike!Matt is gonna kill you"
the guys panicked.Jimmy was still in pain but glad that the punching and kicking stopped.
"yeah,let my sister go Mike"
said a deep,husky voice.
"whatever you said Matt"
Mike released Helena.Hiding his fears the best he can.Mike and the other guys walk away.Then,Mike realized that he came with Jimmy.So he grabbed the bleeding and bruising Jimmy.
"leave him alone Mike"
Matt yelled.Pissed off and scared,Mike walked away.Jimmy,bleeding,bruised,in major pain.He really thought he was dead,because the last thing he saw was an Angel.

"I am really dead"
he thought as he opened his eyes.
"yeah I am dead.The angel is still here"
ha said aloud.The "angel" giggled.
" are not dead.thank god.and there is no angel here"
She said and touched Jimmy's injured face.
"Mike and his gang beat you up Jimmy Sanders"
"I know.he was...hey!How did you know my name?"
"Well Jimmy Sanders,I've been your classmate since we were in preschool.Of course I know your name"
"For real"
"wow back.Anyway.What happened?Why are those guys beating you?"
Jimmy felt a slight reluctant to tell the whole truth to Helena.He never told anyone about what was really going on with his life.But,it is because no one bother to ask.
"it can't be nothing can tell me.I promise I wont judge you"
she smiled warmly.Jimmy felt this trust towards her.
"it's cocaine.They haven't got theirs so they looked for me"
"I you are a dealer?"
"No.My mom is"
She nodded.being really professional.
"You see.My dad passed away when I was 4,but my mom.she just couldn't accept that.She was had an emotional break down"
"ouh..I'm so sorry Jimmy"
"it's ok.The worst part is,mom ended up taking drugs.Later on she became a dealer.Successful huh?"
Tried to joke but no one was laughing.
"uh..what about you?"
"what about me?"
"are you taking...."
"no.i mean,not anymore."
"good for you Jimmy"
Helena smiled,still helping him with his injuries.
"Sorry,but you are?"
"I thought you never ask.Helena Paulos"
"Paulos.I think I've heard of it."
"You might have heard of Matthew Paulos"
"Rocket Doll's Matt Paulos?That wicked guitarist?"
Jimmy was surprised and interested.
"10 marks for you Jimmy!yeay!!"
"whoa,hold on,you are Matt Paulos' sister?wicked"
"so wicked"
she said with a little bit or sarcasm.
"do you play guitars then?Like Matt?"
"what if I do?"
"Just asking.Do you?"
"No.I don't play like Matt.I play like me"
confused,Jimmy was.
"you really like to play with words"
a compliment thrown by Jimmy.
"and you like to sleep during English.No wonder you didn't understand what I said"
a truth thrown by Helena.
Both of them went silent for a few seconds.
He looked at her.She looked at him.Then both of them laughed.
"Jimmy Sanders,you laughed"
"well yeah,so?"
"You are Jimmy Sander.You never laugh.Hardly smile"
"what are you,a spy or something?"
"no silly!it is just something everyone are aware of"
for a second,Jimmy thought,yeah,what she said was true.Jimmy has no friends.No one to share his joy and pain.No one to laugh with.He couldn't remember when was the last time he ever been this happy.She really was an angel.

After that day,Jimmy went back to his normal loner life.He didn't expect the joy and laughter to last though.She knew he was a son of a drug dealer so he thought she must did her best to avoid him.But then,after 2 days,Jimmy's life changed forever.His life will always be filled with joy and happiness.
a voice came from behind him at lunch.
Jimmy was stunned.Someone called him.That was like the trouble alarm.Because people only called his name because they want their stuff.But he knew he didn't have any.His heart was beating so fast.He just knew that he was in hoy soup.He looked back.Prepared.
"Jimmy Sanders!How are you?Are you still in pain?"
Jimmy was still stunned.More than ever.It was Helena Paulos.
"What are you doing here?"
"Asking you how you're doing"
"Because God gave me mouth to speak"
"But know mom..."
"well..I am not that..good"
"You haven't harm me in any way"
before Jimmy could finished his sentence,Helena grabbed his hands and walked him to the cafeteria.
"Lets have lunch Jimmy.I'm hungry"
Jimmy,wanted to let go,but his hands wouldn't move.It was like,it has been glued there.Glued to Helena's hand.They had lunch together that day.That was the first time Jimmy Sanders had lunch with a girl.

Both of then had been hanging out for about a month now.But within that one month,Helena had never heard Jimmy drums.So,one day after school,she asked is she could hear him drum one day.
" don't have to.I suck"
Jimmy said.
"Ouh c'mon Jimmy,you know I wont mind that"
Helena insisted.
Jimmy went quiet.He didn't know why but he just couldn't say no to her.
"Yeah ok.But Just this once"
"Cool!So,what's the plan?"
"Come over to my place.I have a drum set there"
"Damn it Jimmy.You said you sucked but you had a drum set?"
Jimmy shrugged.SO both of them walked to Jimmy's place after school.The house is not that far away.Only about 500 meters from school.It was not posh,but it was complete.Even though his mom is a drug dealer,his house seem to be taken care of.When Helena first saw the house,Jimmy knew it was not how she expected the house to be.
"Too tidy for a cocaine dealer huh?"
"No.Sorry Jimmy.I didn't mean to.."
"It's cool.You see,both my grandparents helped a lot and my dad was a rich man so he left us this house and a lot of money.My grandparents,on both mom's and dad's side,they don't want us to live like animals so they took care of the house and all our needs"
he explained.Helena felt too guilty to speak so she just nodded.
Jimmy lead hear into the house.It was nice.very cosy and yes,very tidy indeed.They walked towards the back of the house and went down to the basement.
"Where are you taking me?"
asked Helena a little confuse and worried.
"To the basement"
"To kill you"
"Fuck you Jimmy"
"Fuck you right back.I was kidding Helena.My drum set is down here"
he offered his hand to her to guide her down to the basement.Jimmy turned on the lights and Helena had another surprise.
"This place is nice"
she couldn't help but to be impressed with how nice Jimmy had made this basement.The boxes are all push to one corner neatly stacked onto one another.There was a couch and A television set across.Jimmy too painted the walls nicely.On the left corner,there lied the drum set and a small trunk.
"This is impressive.You painted these walls?"
"Since I've got nothing better to do"
he said as he walked towards his drum set.Opened the trunk and took out his drum sticks.Helena looked at him silently.A few moments later,the sound of drum sticks hitting the snare and hi-hat broke the silence.Along with the sound of the pedals hitting the bass-drums.After that,Jimmy's hand move as quick as lightning hitting the floor tom and his feet kicking the crash cymbal.He was fast.Both hands and feet.Hands moving from snare to the tom and feet kicking the pedals of the bass drum and cymbals.He was so into the beat and so does Helena.Played for a couple of minutes and stopped with the beat on the cymbal.
"You said you sucked"
she looked directly at him.
"I do"
"You are one wicked drummer Jimmy"
she moved towards him.
"Where did u learn play like that?"
he pointed towards the trunk.She looked at it and lifted the cover.There was nothing extraordinary in there.Just a couple of music books and one book entitled "Drums for beginners".Jimmy picked up the book and looked at Helena.
"Right,that book can help.But it wont help you play like that Jimmy.You must have attended classes.You are,damn,I don't know.Too good to describe"
"No,these books,they are my teachers"
he paused.
"and so does my dad"
"Jimmy..I'm sorry.."
"No,you don't get it.He didn't really thought me how to play drums.He died before he could"
" said.."
"I know what I said.Chill Helena.Now,you hang on a sec.I'm gonna go up and grab something to drink.Then I will tell you all about it"
he ran towards the staircase as he ended his sentence.Helena walked around the basement.Admiring Jimmy's work of art.Then she sat on the couch.Jimmy came down with 2 cans of soda and sat beside her.
"Tell me about it Jimmy"
she demanded.
he laid back on the couch,opening his can of soda.
"OK.When I was 10,I came down here to look for something.I couldn't remember what it was so don't bother asking.When I was down here,it was dark so I searched blindly until I hit something that sounded like tambourines.I freaked out a little"
"Was it the cymbals?"
"Well,yeah,but I didn't know it back then.So I ran back upstairs"
his sentence was interrupted my Helena's laugh.
"Hey,I was 10 and it was dark.Look,do you wanna hear about it or not?"
he asked.A little pissed and embarrassed.
"Yes,I do.I'm sorry but you sounded so cute"
she said.Jimmy was flattered by that but he did his best to hid it.
"After I hit the cymbals,I ran back upstairs and took the flashlight.I collected all my strength and came back down here.So I pointed the flash light towards the thing I hit earlier.I saw a shiny round thing.So I grabbed it.Pointed beside the cymbals and saw a couple more things.You know,the the snare,toms and stuff"
"So,what did you do with those things when you first saw them?"
"At first I had no idea but then I took a closer look wipe the dust and started arranging them"
"Then you just played them?"
"Not yet.I arranged them but then,I had no drum stick and I knew nothing about drums.I didn't even arrange the drum kit correctly.But then,after I arranged them,I sat on something that I thought was a stool.I then stood up and looked at the thing I just sat on.Pointed the flash light and fount out it wasn't a stool"
"What was it then?"
"What do u think?"
he quizzed her.She thought for a few seconds and then she saw the trunk.
"Was is the trunk?"
she guessed.He smiled.
"Yeah,it was the trunk.So I lifted it open.It was so dusty at that time.That trunk was not just a trunk.It was a treasure chest"
"Treasure chest?"
Jimmy smiled.Having that faraway look.
"There were pictures of me and my dad along with mom in it.Lots of them.It was so beautiful.The most beautiful thing I have ever seen"
he wanter to continue with "before you" but he just kept it to himself.
"I am sure they were"
a warm reply from Helena.
"There were also some music books,and that book I showed you just now.The drum stick I was using,is the same damn drum stick I found in the trunk.At that time,I felt strange.It was like,dad was there.I sensed his presence.I looked at the drum kit and the trunk.I knew that he left this for me and want me to make the best out of it.So,ever since that day onwards,drums have been my passion.My soul."
"and your girlfriend?"
Helena joked.
"Yeah,I suppose so"
he joked back.
"That was really nice Jimmy.No wonder you're one hell of a drummer"
"Hey,how about you?You play guitars right?"
"Yeah,but not like Matt"
"Yeah right not like Matt"
"No,Matt is just fucking good"
"So does you"
"You never heard me play"
"oh yes I have"
he replied with a wide grin across his face.
"What da..?When?"
"A few times at the school's studio"
still grinning.
"Damn it"
"Hey,you were good.U nailed some wicked solo's of Syn Gates girl"
"That was..."
out of excuses,Helena's tongue went numb.
"That was fucking good"
Jimmy helped her finished her line.
"Fuck you Jimmy"
she blushed.
"Fuck you back Helena"
he replied.Then she punched his tummy.
"Hey,what's that for?"
"For eavesdropping at the school's studio"
"What the...Damn,whatever Helena"
he thought she looked really cute but as usual, he just shut up and he then turned on the television.

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