Friday, May 30, 2008


Most people are aware that I have change.I'm not the person I use to be.Some don't mind,but some give bad judgment.I don't care.But,no matter how much I've change,there are pieces of the old Lily Cartina left deep inside.

I don't about what others say but I still care about others.I am still compassionate.I still get really sad when I see homeless people.It still break my heart to see children working on streets instead of going to school.Tears still fall down in my cheeks when I see people crying over their love ones.I still try my best to make others smile during their hardest time.I still listen to others who needs me.I still lend my shoulder to cry on.I still offer a helping hand.I still care.I still cry.

I am harsh,metalcore,hard headed,brutal,but,I still have my soft spot deeeeeeeep inside.Like metal music,they are hard,but they still have some slow songs.I am still sensitive.I am still easily touched.I still write poems.I still miss the people I love.I still need the people I love.I still love the people I love.I still want to be hugged.I still want to be pampered.I still want to be loved.

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