Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prison in Disguise

A place so dark, so cold, I had to set me free

This place use to be a piece of heaven of earth.I use to love coming to this place.So eager.Went to that place with hope and left with joy.The sun use to shine in that place.This place,use to be The Great One.Everyone wanted to come here.But not anymore.Because we are force to live most of our days in this place.More than we spend at home.Now home doesn't feel like home anymore.For we spend so little time there.Then there is this Ruler of the place that is who thinks she is fucking great.The Ruler talks to us like we're some junk she found on the junkyard.Like some orphan she found in a box near the trash.She is like that man in Oliver Twist.She made me stay in that place.She made me come early to that place and keep extending the finishing hours.So that i will stay there longer.Now that place is no more fun.It is like I am force to go there.I cant even do what I like.I am force to go there,to stay there.Just like a prisoner force to be imprisoned.

Trashed and scattered again, I'm feelin' so low
You waste your breath while fuckin' with me, my blood is so Cold
My destination always unknown, I'll find my way there
But you goddamn motherfuckers always wasting my time

In that place,there is a group of people.They are best known as the Blue people.The Blur people are the people of the Ruler.They will do exactly what the Ruler says.Including turning their back on their own friends.They are like guards.They see mistakes in others and will take action.Yes,I am a part of this Blue people.I use to like being a part of them.Making the place I love a better one.But the place I love,is now the place I hate,and the being a part of the Blue people,is nothing to be proud of anymore.Why?Because the Blue people are suppose to work together.Work as one.But no.In the Blue people,there are some sort of tribe.There is the Best tribe and the Bad tribe.TThis Best tribe are the ones who are being promoted,being heard of though they talk shit most of the times.Fucking shit I tell you.Then,this people of the Best tribe,they often get away with their mistakes,or any work undone.Bloody Bastard.While the Bad tribe,the tribe I am in,are the people who are mostly hated.Just because we are not some fool to follow that ass.Just because we have our own open mind.Just because we like to do things our way.So my voice are often unheard.No attention are paid to me though I do my job as the Blue people as told.Those people in the Best tribe thinks they are so fucking good that they think they don't need anyone else anymore.I usually voice out things that might do some good but because I am not a part of them,my voice often fade,unheard,no one pay a fucking attention to it.Then because I am in the Bad tribe,the smallest mistake I made are being displayed like I committed a crime,like I robbed the Prime Minister's house,like I shot John Lennon or something like that.Then,when anything bad happened,the Bad tribe are the one to blame though we don't actually do anything.Because of that i feel like shit.I work my ass off but it was unappreciated.Dammit.I feel like a piece of shit.So much for working as a team.A god damn fucking team.

Play your game, and walk away, your integrity don't mean shit
Crawl on me you fucking parasite, and I'm gonna take you out

Being in a Prison-like place with a fucking "I only want the best or nothing else" Ruler.fucking sucks.I feel like I am being observed under the microscope.Except this microscope see only wrong doings.I use to be so worry about that.I wanted to be the best so bad until I feel so low.Feel like I am fucking useless.I cared too much until it bothers me.But hear me now,I don't give a damn now.I don't fucking care.I know that this fucking post will be read by the people of the place and I know actions will be taken upon me.I DON'T FUCKING CARE.You people can do anything,say anything,think anything that u bloody motherfuckers want.Just to let you know,I am fucking aware of the consequences of my actions.hear me,that place I've been going to for the past 5 years,sucks big time.a living hell.a place for plain bastards.I will be fuck you.

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