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Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 2)

Vocalist and Bassist

“Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Victor Zachary Johnstone, the vocalist of Plastic Bags. The band was formed when Vic was 17. It was his idea since he was so passionate about music. So, he gathered a couple of his friends who can play instruments to form a band. Got Joseph Brooks to be the guitarist, Sid Bennington as drummer, and Vic’s long time best friend, Pogue Markus to played bass. All 4 of them really enjoyed being with Plastic Bags. They had been together for almost 3 years until two of them called their quit.

Guitarist Joe and drummer Sid had been thinking to quit the band because they wanted to do their own thing. Joe had a pregnant girlfriend, Sally. So he had to do two jobs in order to support the baby. Sid got offered to a medical school away from Rosary Count. Both of them hardly had time for the band now. “That was awesome Vic” Sid said, getting off the stool behind the drum kit. Looked at Joe, gave him a sign to tell Vic about their quits. Joe breathed in, felt guilty to left the band since it meant so much to Vic. But both of them knew it was the best. Joe finally spoke “Vic, we need to talk to u for a sec.” “Yeah sure. I guess that’s all for today. Lets grab some drink.” Vic turned off his microphone and amps, make sure everything was back to where it was,checked his layered hair, and left the studio for a drink at The Shack. He had no idea that Plastic Bags just had their last rehearsal.

They sat at their usual table at The Shack and ordered some beer. “So, what’s up Joe?” Vic asked. Joe felt a lump on his throat. He felt really guilty about leaving the band. Looked at Sid and saw the same expression. But he knew he had to do it. Took a deep breath and spilled the beans.
“I’m leaving the band Vic”
“So do I” Sid joined in.
“What the fuck??!!” Vic replied, almost choked on his beer. Pogue looked up. Shocked.
“Chill Vic, we’re sorry. But we have other things dude. I’m going to meds school. Away from Rosary Count” Sid explained.
“Yeah, you know Sally and me are having a baby. Have to do two jobs now” Joe added.
“Damn Sid! You’re going to meds school? Wicked” an out of topic statement Pogue made. The other 3 looked at him and Vic slapped his head and said “That wasn’t the point here dickhead.”
“Ouch! Bastard” Sid slapped his head back but this time Vic wasn’t interested into adding kerosene to the fire. He was more interested on the fact that he was losing his guitarist and drummer. Went silence for a while.
“But why do you need to leave the band? Sid, you can still go to meds school and be in the band. We can rehearse on weekends. Same to you Joe” he said.
“Whoa dude, it’s not that easy. I working my ass off on week days and I need a bloody rest during weekends. I have to make time for Sally. C’mon man”
“This is meds school you’re talking about here Vic. It wont be easy. I just want to focus on school now. Look Vic, making music is fun. But I don’t want to make music for a living. Sorry dude”

“They’re right Vic. They have other things to do. You have to understand. Joe is going to be a daddy and Sid wants to be a doctor. Hey, we might get free drugs man!” again, Pogue being slightly off topic.
“Damn Pogue, you are a fucking dickhead!” Sid replied and laughed. Joe did the same but they stopped laughing when they saw Vic’s serious expression. Joe and Sid looked at Pogue. Pogue tapped his best friend’s shoulder.
“Victor, Sid and Joe are our friends. Show them some support. Don’t be a jerk will you.”
Victor looked as his band mates and smiled.
“For once you are right Pogue. I was being a jerk”
“You’re welcome” Pogue grinned proudly and sipped his beer.
Joe and Sid felt slightly better. “We’re sorry Vic” Joe said.
“Yeah, really sorry” Sid followed.
“You got to do what you got to do. I mean, yeah, Joe fucked Sally and tore the rubber so he got to work his bloody ass off now and u Sid, damn, meds school, you’re a fucking genius. Cheers for u dude!” Vic made a toast and so does the others.
“Anyway, the rubber didn’t tear. I just didn’t wear them” Joe told the others.

The four of them hung around at The Shack, enjoyed their drinks. Joe and Sid felt much better after they told Vic and Pogue they need to quit. Though they quited, they were still friends. Pogue was being nuts and plain stupid like he always does. Vic, well, he was a little pissed off because the Plastic Bags meant a lot to him but came to think that those people were his friends, he felt that he should not be a jerk like Pogue said. Later on, Sid had to leave followed by Joe. Only Pogue and Vic were left at the table. Pogue Nicholas Markus, being Victor’s 8 years best friend, knew that Vic was unhappy.
“Dude, c’mon, chill out.”
“What? I’m cool” Vic lied.
“Yeah, cool. Fuck off. You were pissed they quit the band”
“At first, yeah. But not anymore”
“Still are. A little. Dude, we were friends since 12. I know you” Pogue sipped his beer and looked at Victor. He looked back.Smiled.
“Lets get a tattoo or a piercing. I don’t care” Victor suggested. Getting a tattoo and piercing was like Victor’s therapy. It made him felt good after having them. That is why his muscular arms are filled with colourful ink. Had piercings on his lips, left brow and nipples. He had always been like that.

Both of them were best friends yet they were so different Victor was the serious type. Not that he didn’t joke around. He does but he usually thinks before he did something. Music was his passion, his life. He played plenty of instruments such as guitars, bass and drums. But this guy was born with one hell of a big throat. According to Pogue, His voice box was a music box for heavy metal fans.

While Pogue was the more carefree type. He did whatever he wished to do. “Dickhead” is his nickname because unlike Vic, Pogue didn’t think before he acted. Was best knows for his crazy wild attitude. There was once where someone dared him to jump off the window of a 3 storey building and he did it. Broke his arms but he didn’t care. He cared more about the fact that he took the dare and won 100 bucks.But as crazy as he was, he was crazier about playing bass. Just hit him with any tune,he will play them. Most bassist played 4 strings bass guitars,but not Pogue. He owned and played 5 strings bass guitars.

“Yeah, that’s my Victor. Get a tattoo every time something piss him off” Pogue said.
“You sure know me well buddy” Vic said and gave Pogue a high five. Both of them paid their drinks and walked out of The Shack. Got into Pogue’s car and drove to Paul’s Ink.
“So Vic, where do u want to get the ink done now?” Pogue asked while he drove along the way.
“Here” Vic lifted his purple Rocket Clothing t-shirt and exposing his firm abs. Pogue looked for a second then focused on the road.
“Abs. Cool. What are you having then?”
“I want to have something like a rosary around my lower abs. A rosary beads with a heart”
“Sounds cool” Pogue parked his car and they both headed inside Paul’s ink.

Both of them were regular costumer at Paul’s Ink. They knew almost everyone who worked here. Even Paul himself.
“Well, look who’s here” Paul greeted them as the two almost 6 foot tall musicians walked into the tattoo parlor. Both of them nodded at Paul and greeted him with a handshake.
“Sup man” Pogue greeted him.
“All good. So what bring you here today?” Paul asked and walked towards the counter.
Pogue pointed at Vic. “He’s pissed so he want to get a tattoo. You know him.”
“Yeah Paul. Want to get ink here” again, Vic lifted his t-shirt and showed off his firm abs.
“Sure. What do you want me to do there?”
Victor explained to Paul about the kind of tattoo he wanted. Paul took note of it and told him to come back in around 45 minutes for him to work on the drawing.
“You not getting anything Pogue?” Paul asked.
“Nah, not this time.” Pogue said. Just as they were about to walked out, Pogue turned back to the counter.
“On second thought, I’ll have a tattoo today”
Vic snorted and shook his head. “You dickhead, you just cant stand seeing me having another ink done huh?”
Paul laughed and said “That’s my man. What do you want to have?”
“Angel wings. Here” Pogue unbuttoned his white shirt, leaving him only in his skinny jeans and shoes. Pogue worked out so he had a lean waist. A few girls in the parlor looked at him when he was half naked. He turned his back and touched his shoulders.
“There on the back. I want the wings to be there. Make sure it fill about three quarter of my back.”
“A big wing there dude” Paul examined his back for a few moments and said “Yeah sure, I’ll work on it. But You got to wait longer. That ok?”
Pogue smiled, looked at Vic.
“Sure Paul, we’ll go grab some food” Vic said. They shook Paul’s hands and thanked him. Walked out of the parlor and went to the Burger Kings nearby. Chose the table at the corner.
“Pogue, you remember our first gig?” Vic asked. Pogue, who was nibbling the fries looked up to him and nodded. Drank his coke and said “Yeah, it was at Jenny’s party. We did a cover of 12Stones’ Broken and Bring Me The Horizon’s Braille. I have to admit. We sucked big time”
“Hell yeah we did. The guitar was out of tune. Sid was doing good until you asshole accidentally kicked the cymbals.” Pogue almost chocked on his burgers as he heard what Vic just said. Vic laughed and so does Pogue after he cleared his throat.
“Damn, yeah. I was so into the music dude. But to tell you the truth, your vocals was wicked.” Pogue complimented.
“Thanks dude” Vic thanked him.Pogue finished his meal and said "Man,Joe's gonna be a dad,that fucking genius Sid is going to meds school.What are you gonna do?"
"I'm doing my degree in music remember.Told you about it a couple of days ago."
"What are your plans dickhead?" Vic asked.
"Me?well,mom said I can do mass communication.But I don't know.Will think about it"
"Mass Communication.That's cool."

Pogue checked his watch and it showed it already past one hour. “Think we should head back to the parlor.”
Vic checked his watch. “Yeah, lets get going.”

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