Sunday, June 15, 2008

Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 3)

Lead Guitarist

Tick tock, tick tock. "One minute to go". Tick tock, tick tock. "Ouh c'mon,why is it so slow!" Tick tock tick tock tick tock. "There! 5 o’clock. Finally!” Adrian Cedric Taylor thought to himself with excitement. "That is all for today class.I'll see you again on Thursday" said Mr.Robert to his students. Adrian quickly called him before he left. "Excuse me Sir,can i...."
"Yes you can hang around at the studio for a while young man.Just make sure you don't break anything" Mr.Robert replied.He had been teaching Adrian for almost 2 semesters and knew that he wanted to play the guitars in the studio.
Adrian,being a little stunned because the lecturer knew him so well,said "ouh..thanks a lot sir.yeah, I'll take care of everything". He waited for all the students to left and went for the guitars.

"Les Paul,my baby.Shecter,my girl.Ibanez,my lady.Have you girls been missing me?I miss you so bad" Adrian said to his "girls".
"God! You're pathetic Add!" a voice came from behind. It was Tommy Brooks, one of his classmates. Tommy threw a laughter.
"Can't help it Tom. I'm just in love with these guitars"
"Yeah, sure you are. Anyway, nice tattoo you have over there." Tommy pointed towards Adrian’s arms.
"Thanks dude"
Tommy said goodbye and left the studio.

Alone at last. Adrian could finally have some private time with his “girls”. Turned on the amp and plugged in the guitar effects and he was ready to rock. Pressed his fingers with black fingernails on the fret and plucked the strings. The sound wave moved to the pick up and was amplified by the amplifier. His fingers were stretch and moved from notes to notes. He was feeling it. Kept on playing until he hit the last note.
“Hell yeah! Herman Li’s solo!” he screamed our loud. Adrian had been practicing those tricky solo for about a week and he finally nailed it. It experienced a bit of difficulty since he was left handed. Herman Li’s solo was like a pain in the ass, playing it upside down sure made things worst. A huge wave of satisfaction hit him. “Herman Li. I can finally play like you” he thought to himself. He smiled to himself and continued playing.

Adrian Taylor was born to be a guitarist. His fingers were meant for those frets. When he was 5, his dad took him to his uncle’s place for a family gathering. There was an acoustic guitar there and his uncle, who was also left handed played a few nursery rhymes to entertain the kids. After that, little Adrian took the guitar and began playing notes. At first it was slightly out of tune but it got better. Before they knew it, Adrian played “Mary had a Little Lamb”.
His uncle was surprised. “Hey Johnny, you thought Adrian to play guitar huh?” his uncle yelled to his dad. A little confused, Adrian’s dad, John walked into the living room. “No Brian, I didn’t teach him to play anything. Why?”
“Well, you better check that out” uncle Brian pointed towards Adrian who was still playing “Mary had a Little Lamb”. John stared at his son. Amazed. Then he walked towards Adrian and sat beside him. Kissed his son on the forehead. “Hye daddy. Look, I play guitar” little Adrian said to his dad.
“I can see that son. Where did you learn to do so son?” John asked his son. Brian looked at them. Listened to the conversation. He too wanted to ask Adrian the same question.
“Uncle Brian taught me daddy”
“What?” Brian said. Both of them were so confused as if they were walking in a maze. “I did not John..”
John tuned back to his son.
“When did Uncle Brian taught you Adrian?”
“Just now. He was playing this song daddy. So I follow what he does daddy” Adrian replied.
“You mean, you just see Uncle Brian play and you did the same thing?”
“Yes daddy. I want to play guitar. Just like Uncle Brian” Adrian said with a grin across his face and pointed towards his uncle. Brian finally got his nephew’s point. He finally knew how Adrian could play that song.
“John, you son was born to play guitar. He was playing by heart. God thought him to play guitar” Brian said to him brother. Looked at little Adrian who was too young to realize that he was talented. Perhaps gifted.
“Well Brian, do something for me. My son wants to be like you. Please teach me what he needs to know” Johnny smiled to his brother.
“You mean, you want me to give him lessons?” asked Brian.
“I can pay you” Johnny lowered his voice. Brian looked at him. He sensed passion in his brother. Because John didn’t own much but he was willing to pay for his son.
“No Johnny, you don’t have to. I will teach you son how to play guitar. But I don’t think it will be that much work. God already taught him” both Brian and John laughed. Ever since that day onwards, guitar had been Adrian’s best friend. His Uncle Brian handed him the acoustic guitar which he played “Mary had a Little Lamb” when he was 7. That guitar sure meant a lot to Adrian.

As he grew older, Adrian began to explore different kinds of playing. He looked for his own chords, tabs, he can practice by himself. By the time he was 13, he was like, the junior Jimmy Hendrix. Even the high school seniors respected him for his talents. Even though he was basically better than his Uncle Brian, Adrian never lost respect to him. He still turned to his uncle every time he found complications. Adrian never really had a band but he was often called by other bands to make an appearance.

Since Adrian didn’t come from a wealthy family, he tends to appreciate what he had and worked for what he desired. 16 year old Adrian wanted an electric guitar so bad, so he worked at a bakery on weekends. It was tiring. It was exhausting. But after 4 months, he finally own his first electric guitar and amp.A blue Fender Squier Stratocaster and a Fender 10watt amp. He smiled from ear to ear when he paid for those things at Bill’s Music Center.

After high school, Adrian wanted to study music but then, he thought that he wanted to help the family so he did Audio Engineering instead. He wasn’t that happy with his had chosen but then, that course offered better job with better pay. After all, Audio Engineering was related to music.

Suddenly Adrian heard someone opened the studio door. He looked at the clock on the wall. 6 am. “Damn” he thought. Time is up! Another class needed to use the studio. Put everything back to their places. Unplugged the guitars and turned off the amp. “Bye girls. I’ll see u later.” Packed his things, put on his jacket and walked out of the studio. But his heart was still in there. For a while, he was lost. Had no idea where to go or what to do. Until his phone rang. The screen showed “Ashley”. Adrian smiled and answered the phone. “Hey baby”. He knew where he was going then.

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nazaNIK said...

almost like the founding of av7 when the the guys was still 18 years old,back at 1999.seriously,u picked an awesome theme to write on~music and :)

bulan. said...

'engine' has a lot to offer.
different major characters huh?