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Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 4)

Get Together

The letter laid still on Victor’s coffee table in the living room. He wanted to know the answer but a part of him resisted. He stared at the letter for almost 15 minutes. “God, there’s no use. Lets just open this thing”. Just as he about to tore the seal open, his hands went numb. “C’mon man. Open it” he kept convincing himself. Then his cell phone rang.
“Hey Vic, have you open yours?” Pogue asked from the other line.
“No dude. You?”
“Hell no man. Even opening a girl’s underwear is easier than opening this envelope”
“Call me a dickhead. You’re the one without the dick now. Can’t even open a silly letter”
Victor sighed. Somehow Pogue was right. It was just a silly letter.
Suddenly Pogue said “Lets open it together”
“Yeah. Now. 1..2..” just as Vic about to tore it open, Pogue said.
“Dude, not now. Lets go to The Shack and do it”
“Fuck you Pogue! I was so close to opening this thing.”
Then he heard Pogue laughing on the other line. “The Shack in 10 minutes. See you there.” Then Pogue hang up. Victor then realized that his bike was at the workshop. So he called Pogue back. “Yeah, I’ll pick u up dude” Pogue answered and hang up before Victor could even say anything.

A black Volkswagen Beetle Convertible was parked in front of Victor’s house. Pogue pressed the honk and his best friend appeared on the doorstep a few minutes later. Pogue had his sunglasses to prevent too much sunlight from entering his eyes. It was a sunny day. Victor wore his jeans and black tank top. “Your letter” Pogue asked. “Right here” Victor took the letter out of his pocket. Pogue smiled and headed to The Shack.

“2 beers please” Pogue ordered and sat at their usual table. Victor stared at his letter. Pogue took out his. Both of them stared at each other.
“So?” asked Pogue.
“Lets wait for the beer” replied Vic.
“Damn, I knew you were a chicken but I never knew you were this bad” Pogue said and shook his head. The beer arrived. Pogue grinned. Sip his beer. “The beer is here” he said to Victor who was sitting across him.
“God, I can’t do this” Victor confessed. Pogue almost choked on his beer. Punched his chest a few and laughed.
“Well, yeah, ok. Why don’t we do it this way. You open mine and I open yours.” Pogue suggested. Victor looked at him. Smiled.
“I never knew you were this smart dude”
“You’re welcome.” So they exchange their letters. Pogue was right. Victor felt better knowing the letter wasn’t his. He tore the envelope open. Finally. Took out Pogue’s letter and read it. Then he looked at Pogue. Pogue’s face froze. Something wasn’t right. Victor’s heart beat faster. Pogue looked directly at him. Not a smile on his face.
“Dude” Pogue said with a low voice.
“What is it? Tell me” Victor demanded.
“Promise you won’t freak out or anything”
“I won’t Pogue. I’m prepared for the worst.” Actually, Victor was not ready.
“Well, here it goes.” Pogue took a sipped of his beer and cleared his throat.
“You, Victor Johnstone, are accepted to Rosary Count University! Hell yeah!!” Pogue screamed.
Victor almost had a heart attack when he heard those words. He couldn’t believe it. Snatched the letter from Pogue’s hands and re-read it. It was true, he made it.
“Ouh yeah!!!I made it!!”
“Whoa dude, hold on a sec, what about me?”
“Ouh you..uh..” Victor moved closer to his friend. Wrapped his arms around Pogue.
“I’m so sorry for you.” Pogue’s facial expression changed as Vic said that. He looked down and he reluctantly smiled.
“It’s cool dude.”
Victor grinned. “I haven’t finished my line Pogue. I’m so sorry for you because you are stuck with me for a couple more years in RCU, dickhead.”
“What da..? Damn! Fuck off! I made it?? Hell yeah!!” Both of them jumped of their feet and gave each other a high 5. Everyone in The Shack was looking but they were too happy to care. Pogue was so in the mood to celebrate. “I’m going to get a bottle of Cristal. CRISTAL!! Yeah!!”

“Hell yeah. This is worth celebrating. Worth having a party!” Then Pogue went silent for a while.
“A party.” he thought. His face lit up. Victor looked at him.
“Ouh no Pogue, you’re not going to….”
“Hell yeah I am having a party! Now lets get out of here. I’m telling my dad and he’ll let me party for the whole week!” Pogue screamed and walked out of The Shack.” But then Victor was a moving a little bit slow compared to his friend. “Ouh dad” he thought, and followed Pogue into the car.

They were speeding 130 miles per hour to nowhere. Pogue didn’t even know where he was driving to. Both of them were just so excited. They passed through their high school, the mall, and Pogue suddenly let go of the wheel and screamed “I’m coming baby!! Wait for me!!” as they drove pass RCU. Victor’s face froze for a few minutes. “Hey dickhead! Look at the road will you. I’m not ready for the afterlife.” Pogue kept on speeding to nowhere with Rocket Doll boosted the stereo. “God, this solo is wicked!” said Victor. “Hell yeah. Rocket Doll rocks!”
“They sure are”
“And they sure are performing at my party”
The car made a almost drift-like U-turn. Once again, Victor’s face turned white. “You dickhead, I am a virgin and I am certainly not ready to die!” He then slapped Pogue’s head.
“What the fuck? You’re a virgin?”

5 minutes later they arrived at Matt Paulos’ house. Parked at the driveway and pressed the bell. No answer. Again, Pogue pressed the boor bell. “Yeah, coming!” said a voice from inside. The doorknob twisted and the door opened. Matt was standing there. “Hey, the Plastic Bags! Sup guys?” Plastic Bags. How Vic wished that band still existed. Held out his hand to greet Matt. “Plastic bags are bad for the environment. We use paper bags now.” Matt being a little confused, invited both of them in. “Are you saying you guys split up?”
“Yeah” Pogue knew that Vic was still in having “trauma” about the band split up. So he decided to handle the situation by being the one telling Matt Paulos what really happened.
“I see. Well, yeah, I heard about Sid. Fuck, that guy is a genius! But Vic, don’t get too emotional or anything. You can always start a new band.” Matt then offered them some drinks.
“You can say that again” smiled Victor. “So, what brings you guys here?” asked Matt, getting comfortable on the armchair in his living room. “We’re going to be your juniors Matt” answered Pogue.
“What? You guys are going to RCU?” surprised, Matt was.
“Ouh…yeah..!” replied Victor.
Matt smiled and raised his eyebrows.
“So let me guess, this dickhead Pogue is heaving a wild party at his place”
“And I want that badass band Rocket Dolls to be there”
“hell yeah. you go dickhead!!” screamed Matt. “But I got to talk to my people first. You guys hang around for a while. I want to make some phone calls.” So the two of them lingered around the living room. Until they heard drumbeats and guitar screech from the top floor. Vic was impressed. “That is one badass tune.” Pogue knew who was behind those tunes. “It’s Jimbo. Hell yeah it’s him. Lets go check him out.” He then got on his feet and ran up the stairs. Vic followed. The sound came from Matt’s mini studio. Vic opened the door and saw Jimmy and Helena with their instruments. “Sup guys!!” greeted Pogue. Helena smiled at them “Hey Pogue! Hye Vic!” Helena waved at them. Jimmy smiled and nodded his head. “Mind if we come in Helena?” asked Vic. “No, not at all. Come join us” she invited them. Pogue walked towards Jimmy. He had always admired Jimmy’s drumming skills. “Hey Jimbo, that’s one badass drumbeat you played just now.” Jimmy looked up. “Thanks Pogue.” Victor was checking out the guitars in the studio. He really missed the atmosphere, the feeling, the excitement of being with a band.

Then, Helena started playing intro of Avenged Sevenfold’s Unholy Confessions. Both Pogue and Vic were impressed. “She got skills dude” said Vic to Pogue. Pogue turned and raised his eyebrows. “She sure does.” Her intro was then followed by Jimmy’s drumbeat. Helena looked at the two of them and yelled “Don’t just stand there! Help us out!” Without further notice, Pogue grabbed the bass guitar and blended in. He threw the microphone to Vic who was, well, still standing there. The blast of the amp made his heart beats faster. He then turned on the mic and sang at the top of his lungs. Everyone was so into the music. His vocals blended in perfectly. All 4 of them felt the connection. Victor knew it he was not singing with the Plastic Bags, but he felt the bond. By the time the song ended, everyone went silent. “That was awesome” said Jimmy. “No Jimbo, that was more than awesome” Pogue corrected him. Victor inhaled the air. He was satisfied. He wanted more of it. “We could be a great band together” Helena suddenly said. Victor then broke out of his own world and looked at Pogue and the others. Pogue knew exactly what Vic was thinking. So he smiled. “Dream on Helena. But these guys already have their Plastic Bags" said Jimmy who was drinking some water. Pogue then spanked his head. Jimmy almost choked on his water. His eyes widened. “Fuck. That was that for dickhead?” Pogue grinned and said “For giving out the wrong information Jimbo.”
Everyone knew arguing with Pogue will do nothing but made things worst. So Jimmy backed off. “Well, correct me oh Great Pogue” said Jimmy and bowed down to Pogue. Everyone in the studio laughed at Jimmy’s action but once again, his head was spanked. Jimmy sighed. “Thanks Jimbo. Well, the Plactic Bags have split up.”
“What happened?” asked Helena.
Before Victor could reply, Jimmy said “Pogue is a dickhead who like to spank others’ head. That is why the band split. Who can stand a dickhead bassist in the band?”
Everyone broke into laughter. So does Vic. “You can say that again Jimmy!” he gave Jimmy a high five and told Helena and Jimmy what really happened. “But I really want to start a new band” he added at the end of his story. “We played good just now” said Helena. “Yeah, we did” Jimmy added. Victor looked at the two of them. “So, shall we form a band together?”
“Hell yeah Vic! That will be awesome!!” Helena gave Vic a hug. She was excited.
Jimmy was thrilled. He never played in a band before but he knew it would be great. “Sure thing Vic, no problem with me.”
"Don't worry Jimbo. I'll be an angel.” Pogue then spanked his head. Jimmy looked at him and smiled. “yeah,when hell freezes over” This time, Jimmy gave back what Pogue gave to him. "I already am an angel" Pogue pulled his t-shirt,showing off his angel wings tattoo. Jimmy's eyes widened."Whoa, wicked. Who did that shit?"
"Paul" answered Pogue.

The studio door flung opened. “I heard you guys just now. That was over the top! You should form a band together.” A little-too-late suggestion made by Matt. Pogue moved towards Matt and tapped his shoulder. “Don’t worry. We just did. Anyway, can you perform?”
“Ouh, about that. I spoke to the others just now and they said it wont be a problem.”
“Hell yeah!! You rock Matt! Don’t worry, you are not performing for free. I’ll handle that one”
Matt grinned. “And that is what I want to hear. I got to go now. Leave you guys here. Just don’t set the house on fire or anything. Pogue, call me if there is anything.” Just as he was about to leave, he then turned back. “Take care little one. I love you.” He kissed Helena on the forehead.
“I will. Love you too bro.”
“Hey Matt, no kiss for me? I love you too you know.” Pogue interrupted.
“No way dickhead.” Matt snorted and walked out.

Pogue then went to the drum and started beating the cymbals. “I have an announcement to make. You people are invited to my party.”
“Yo Pogue, you haven’t even told your dad about it.” Vic said.
“Ouh, thanks for reminding me.” He took out his cell phone and dialed his dad’s number. No answer. So he called the office. “Markus Coperation. May I help you?” said a women’s voice from the other line.
“It’s Pogue, pass the phone to daddy.”
“Excuse me sir? I don’t know who Pogue is and I’m afraid your dad is not here.”
Pogue crooked his eyebrows and pouted his lips. How could the lady not know him? He thought.
“How long have you been working there lady?” asked Pogue.
“Well, almost a week now”
“Ah..I thought so. Well, let me introduce myself. I am Pogue MARKUS. Yeah. My last name sounds exactly like the company you are working for. And there is this guy who works there. Bradford Markus. You know him?”
“Uh…yes sir. I do know him.He owns this company.” replied the lady in a shaky voice.
“Well, that guy is my daddy.”
“Ouh, I’m so sorry sir. I didn’t know that”
“Good, now I want to speak to daddy.” Pogue demanded.
“I’m so sorry sir but your father in attending an important meeting. Do you want to leave a message?”
“Yeah, sure. Tell him, I made it to RCU and I’m having a big party at the house. So I need about 10 to 20k. It’s going to be big.” Then he hung up the phone.

Saturday finally came. Time to party! Pogue had crazy ideas for the party. He made sure that his parents were not there so he booked them a ticket to New York. Well, using his dad’s credit card of course. He had a stage inside the pool. Yeah, inside.The stage stood about 3 feet above the water. So, the amps and electrical appliances could not be placed on it. They had to be placed on the veranda on the second floor. Exactly how Pogue wanted it. The sound could travel better he said. The mansion had big dining room. Pogue transformed the room to black and purple. Black and purple plates, chairs, table cloths, curtains everything. He even replaced the chandelier with a custom made purple skulls chandelier. Lots of food were served. Pogue hired a few bartenders to work at the bar that night. Not forgetting a condom machine.

He invited almost everyone. Even the ones he hardly knew. He didn’t care. All he knew was he wanted to party hard. Pogue was dressed in a new tshirt with a vest and skinny jeans along with a new necklace.He went up the stage and turned on the mic “What’s up people!!!!” Then the people screamed. “Well, I honestly say I don’t even know who the fuck most of you people are but I don’t give a damn. I want you guys to party hard!! Hell yeah!!” The crowd screamed louder. “Now, lets all rock out with this badass band, Rocket Dolls!!” He then jumped into the water. Rocket Dolls got up the staged and the crowd screamed. “Thanks dickhead” said Bill, the front man. Pogue who was in the water put his thumbs up. “Before we start, I want to introduce you to our guest guitarist, Adrian Taylor!!” Adrian waved. Pogue looked up the stage for a clear view of him. “He will be playing alongside Matt Paulos. Well, lets not waste any time and rock out!!!” As the band started playing, Pogue was out of the pool and went to join his band. “You’re all wet dickhead” said Jimmy. “Tell me something I don’t know Jimbo.”
“Don’t you want to change or something?” asked Helena.
Vic snorted. “I doubt that Helena. This is his party. He can do anything. Am I right Pogue?”
“You sure are. Guys, check out that Adrian guy. I think I’ve seen him somewhere.”
“Well, Adrian performed quiet a few times” said Helena who was eating hot dogs.
Pogue looked at her. Interested. “Really? He has a band?”
Helena swallowed and Jimmy helped wiped the sauce on her mouth. “Nah..not really. But people often call him to play together. He is one hell of a wicked guitarist I tell you.”
“Better than Matt?” asked Vic. Jimmy and Pogue was a little stunned by his daring question. How could he asked that to Matt’s own sister? They thought. But Helena seem cool. “Yeah Vic. I dare say he is better than Matt.Add is wicked. Even Matt admit it, I think.” Then the song came to the solo part. It was a guitar duo. Pogue stared in disbelief. Everyone was impressed with both Matt and Adrian. “They sure look like Synyster G and Zacky V” said Vic. Then Adrian took the solo. Pogue jaws dropped open. “That guy is fucking good.” Vic’s eyes were wide open. “I want him in the band.” Pogue’s and Jimmy’s head turned to face him. Then to Helena. Afraid that those words offended her. Then she said “Yeah Vic, go get him.” The other 2 were relieved but a little confuse. Helena looked at them and laughed. “Don’t worry guys. Dragonforce and Avenged Sevenfold had 2 guitarist. Duh~”

“Thank you! Hope you had fun. Rock on!” Rocket Dolls got off the stage and the deejay turned up the volume. Vic signaled Pogue to talk to Adrian. Pogue winked. “Go to the dining room. I’ll see u there” he ordered his band mates. There were not many people there since most were out at the pool or hanging out at the bar. Though they were not that hungry,those mouth watering cuisine were just irresistible. Helena just could not fight the temptations of the moist chocolate cake. Jimmy couldn’t resist the invitation of the Buffalo Wings while Victor fall to the seduction of those delicious pasta. A few moments later they heard Pogue’s voice from outside the dining room. “Go grab some food guys. Have anything.” Then the Rocket Dolls joined them."Matty!!" Helena hugged her brother.“Hey Helena” said Matt and kissed his sister. “Mind if I have some of those sis?” Matt pointed towards the cake. Helena smiled at her brother and gave him some of the cake. Adrian who was sitting across her suddenly smiled. “You sure is lucky to have a brother like that. He sure loves you” said Adrian. Helena smiled back. “I sure am.”
“Anyway, I am..”
“Adrian, we know” Vic interrupted. “You were awesome up there dude.”
“Thanks. You are?” asked Adrian.
“Victor Johnstone. Can call me Vic” he shook hands with Adrian. Adrian than offered his hand to Jimmy, who was nibbling his Buffalo wings.
“Uh..sorry. Not being rude but my hands are filthy. Sauce everywhere. I’m Jimmy Sanders, anyway. And yeah, you were wicked.”
“Thanks dude.” He turned towards Helana. “I suppose you are Helena Paulos, sister of Matt Paulos.”
“Yes, that is me.” After a while, Pogue and the other Rocket Dolls came to join them.
“Vic, I thought you had something to say to Adrian” Pogue said. Adrian’s brows shot up. Surprised. “You do Vic?” Vic cleared his throat and sipped his drink. “well, yeah. do I say this..” He had no idea why but he knew that he was a little nervous. He had no idea how to put it into a sentence. “Well, Adrian, you are one hell of a wicked guitarist. So, I thought, no…We thought that.. Maybe you can join our band.” Adrian almost choked on his meal. Had some drink and said “You want me in Your band? Dude, you already have Matt Paulos’ sis, why the hell do you need me? I’m not that good dude.”
“Ouh yes you are” Matt nodded, eyes widened.
“Hell yeah you are good” Bill agreed.
“See??” said Victor. Pogue suddenly got up of his chair, walked towards Adrian and spanked his head. Adrian looked back in terror. Pogue grinned at him. “Adrian, don’t be a dickhead like me. You were like Zacky Vengeance up there. So don’t be a pussy and said things like “Ouh, I’m not good..I’m nothing” because those are plain shit.”
Still in terror state, Adrian was. He couldn’t even blink. He was afraid because he thought Pogue was dead serious. While the others just burst into laughter. Adrian was blur. He didn’t know weather to laugh or not. Matt tapped his shoulder “Add, chill. He does that to everyone.” Adrian sighed of relief. He thought about the band thing for a while. It might be cool. The band mates seem cool. Somehow,he was a little worried of Pogue so he looked at him. Victor somehow sensed his fear and said “Pogue is just a dickhead. Don’t worry. He like doing stupid things. Jimmy had experienced worst.”
“Yeah Add. Don’t worry. You’ll get irritated when he spanked your head but when you get that everyday, you’ll just be sort of use to it” explained Jimmy. Adrian went silent for a while. “It will be cool to have you in the band Adrian” Helena said. “Sure are” Pogue added. “I think it will be cool. I’m in.” Adrian agreed. “HELL YEAH!!” Pogue screamed. Everyone joined him and gave Adrian a high five.

“BUT!!!” Pogue cut down all the cheer and excitement. “We, don’t have a bloody name.” Everyone stared at each other. He was right. “And we need a bloody name. so don’t get overexcited just yet.” So everyone settled down. The Rocket Dolls decided to hit the bar and left only 5 of them in the dining room. They were squeezing their brains off to name the band.
“Paper Bags?” Vic suggested and he received a spank on the head as a prize. “No more bags this time.” warned Pogue.
“Flames?” said Helena.
Jimmy shook his head. “Nah, it doesn’t sound right.”
“How about Five?” Adrian said. The others looked at him and laugh their asses off. “Add, we’re not a boy band for God’s sake!” Helena said. Before they could continue, the sound of racing cars interrupted them. “What the fuck is that?” asked Adrian. “Just some kids racing” Pogue answered.
“They sure make a lot of noise” said Helena. “But hey, it’s kind of cool you know. The sound of engine sort of bring out the excitement. Make the heart beat faster.”
“Bring out the excitement” Jimmy repeated Helena’s line.
“Make the heart beat faster” Vic did the same.
“Engine” Adrian said.
“Our band” Pogue added. They looked at each other.
“Ouh yeah Engine!!” yelled Helena. The overexcited Pogue lifted her out of the room and jumped into the pool. “Hell yeah Engine!” he yelled. The other 3 grinned and joined them in the pool.

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someone you know said...

miss lily, from which book did you get this engine story from? Mind telling me? One thing for sure i know you didnt write this story yourself cos i know how yr standard of english is. cos m sure i've read this story somewhere but i can't recall it.

Lily Cartina,17 said...
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Anonymous said...

hey "someone you know"..

Lily Cartina,17 said...

ouh one more thing,
if u said i took engine from somewhere else, prove it.

Lily Cartina,17 said...

Yes i'll tell you where I get engine's a book called "MY OWN PIECE OF MIND".

I write because I love writing and language is my passion, Not for fame or whtsoever.

and who r u..?
why go anonymous?
wht makes u think u know my standard of english?
wht r u a psychic of something?

you know nothing about me since you don't even know how to appreciate my work. honestly, you pissed me off.

I don't care if u want to give bad criticism about my novel.Even you want to say it's a piece of crap, I don't mind because the piece of crap is MINE. I can take that. So i will do better next time. But since u said i don't write Engine, that's just plain rude. I even made up the names myself for God's sake.

someone you know said...

i know you well enuff girl, very very well indeed.

Lily Cartina,17 said... don't
you might have known me since the first day i was born but u sure know nothing about me since you don't even have faith in me. don't even have faith in what I am capable of.
you know nothing about me. absolutely nothing.

and yeah,
u still haven't prove that I plagiaries Engine.
I bet you can't do so.
because i don't do plagiarism.

one more thing,
who do u think u are when u said "i know you didn't write this story yourself coz i know your standard of english"
wht?r u the grandchild of william shakespear or something?
r u that great to make such statement about me?

We might have the same blood running in our body but what u did is unacceptable.

You are a big coward because u can't even reveal your true self.

mak ida said...

Hello my dear niece, got yr msg in my mail and was browsing yr blog and yr mama too. Nice piece of work you got here. Keep up the good work ya! Tu gaduh2 dengan siapa tu? Ignore aje siapa yg nak buat kacau tu. Tak perlu layan. Keep on writing!

love...mak ida

someone you know said...

bo hoo hoo....sorry we don't share the same blood dude but as i said i know you well enuff! get real dude! bo hoo hooo

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u're the one who should get real.
u hate me
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but u still come here
i dun care if u're someone i know but one thing for sure,
u're pretty much a loser.

look dude,
whtever u do
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you are not gonna stop me

you're just a coward who talks to much.

get real
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