Friday, June 13, 2008

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Put your player on shuffle.
Answer the question with the song you got.
Don't cheat, even if it doesn't sound right!

Current playlist contains only Avenged Sevenfold songs.

What does your mum said when she yelled at you ?
xClairvoyant Disease
There's nowhere to run and hide
when you're living to die

Your dad pokes you in the head, what will you say to him?
xUnbound(The Wild Ride)
There's nothing here to take for granted
with each breath that we take
the hands of time strip youth from our bodies,
we fade,
memories remain,
as time goes on

Your best friend punches you in the arm, what will he say?
xA Little Piece of Heaven
Almost laughed myself to tears,
Conjuring her deepest fears

You crush bumps into you at school, what will he say?
xSecond Heartbeat
Never will I forget you, and all the memories past,
So rarely I get to see your face.
Growing I looked to you in guidance,
We knew that time would kill us, but you're still so close to me

You worst enemy walks up to you, what will you say?
I feel it burn inside, burn in my like the rising sun.

You are walking down the street at night when stranger, what will he say?
xUnholy Confessions
I wish I could be the one,
the one who won't care at all

You see your pet, what will you say to her?
xAlmost Easy
I'm not insane,I'm not insane!!!

Your favorite teacher comes to you, what will he say?
xEternal Rest
I know the time will come,
when all around me's burned
and you'll still see me there

What song do you play when you are...

xSeize the Day
I felt new here, I'm please to stay for a while

xCritical Acclaim
Excuse the obscene, ignore the untrue
Depictions we see, try and get through
Excuse the obscene, ignore the untrue
Depictions we see, try and get through

I can't regret, can't escape decisions made for me, no control
Fire that burns but never dies, wrapped around, I'll bury my fangs inside

In love
Scream from the pleasure unmask your desire

Missing someone
xM.I.A(Missing in Action)
I see our mothers filled with tears, grew up so fast where did those years go?
Memories won't let you cry, unless I don't return tonight.

Having a bad day
xI Wont See You Tonight(Part 1)
So far away, I'm gone. Please don't follow me tonight.
And while I'm gone, everything will be alright.

Trying to go to sleep
Nights coming fast, suns going down
But keep away from me.. keep away from me

Really really hyper
Fighting for land and personal gain
better your life, justify our pain

What song was being played when you were...

Having your first birthday
xBrompton Cocktail
So put that smile back on my face and mix it strong my friend

Going out with your first boyfriend
xTurn the Other Way
You have the power.
To set me free.
Caught in your grasp, how?
Just let me be.

Getting married to...
xChapter 4
Won't leave until you've died

When you're having your first kid
xAnd All the Things Will End
When I see you, I can read it in your eyes

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dinieezyane said...

~You see your pet, what will you say to her?
"I'm not insane,I'm not insane!!!"~

wakakkaa... lawak ah..!!