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Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 6)

The New House

That week, Pogue’s parents went house hunting for their son. They will be moving to New York any time soon so they have to get Pogue a house before they leave. But then, Pogue’s mom went a little bit too far when she wanted to get a penthouse for Pogue. Yes, Pogue was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but then, he too realized that a penthouse was way too much. In the end he told his parents that he will find his own place and let them know about it.

But then, Pogue didn’t really know where to look for a house. “Vic, you want to go look for a house?” he texted Vic. A few minutes later his phone rang with a reply message from Vic.
“wtf? I though your mom get you a penthouse?”
“Only old people live in penthouse. U coming or not?”
“Nah, no can do. Wanna help mom clean the house”

So, he just drove around town, looking at houses with “For sale” sign. He saw a few nice ones, but then, there was something inside him that doesn’t feel right. So he kept on searching. Then he got tired and went for a drink at The Shack. There, he saw Helena and Jimmy. Helena wave at him and Pogue joined them. “You alone Pogue?” Helena asked. After a whole day drive, Pogue was too tired to listen, so he just sipped his beer and laid his head on the table. Helena looked at him and massages his left shoulder. Jimmy stared in silence. Then Pogue lifted his head and smiled at Helena. “Thanks. That sure feels good.”
“You’re drained dude. What were you doing?” asked Jimmy.
“Looking for a house.” He answered lazily and drinks his beer.
“What house?” Helena asked.
“Oh.. you don’t know? My parents are moving to New York. But I’m staying. So I need a house.”
“I think there’s a house for sale near mine.”
Pogue looked at her with interest. “Really?”
“Yeah. I can show you.” Helena offered. “Jimmy can come too.” She turned to face Jimmy. He smiled at her.
“Cool. But I’m way too drained now. I think tomorrow will do. Is that OK with you?”
“Yeah sure. Tomorrow it is.” Answered Helena.
“You staying there alone dickhead?” Jimmy asked.
“Not sure. Asked Vic but he want to stay with his mom. You know anyone Jimbo?”
“Add lives in campus. But I think he’s going to need to move out soon. Try asking him.”
“Badass Add. That will be cool.”

As promised, Helena and Jimmy bought Pogue to see the house. “Not sure if he’s going to like it though” Helena told Jimmy. “Why not?” Jimmy asked.
“Well, he had been living in that big mansion for all his life. Maybe he will suffocate in the small house.” Jimmy laughed. Then doorbell rang. “Must be him” Jimmy said. Helena got up and gets the door. Pogue came with Vic and Add. “Guys, come in and have breakfast then I’ll show you the house.” She then brought the guys to the kitchen. There at the table, Jimmy was eating his cereal. “Ah Jimbo!” Pogue walked towards Jimmy. Jimmy was ready to get his head spanked. But it didn’t happen. Instead, Pogue get a spoon and scooped some cereal from Jimmy’s bowl. Everyone in the kitchen had no idea what was that about. “What? I don’t know where the bowls are. So I use Jimbo’s” he said. Jimmy looked at Pogue. “Whatever dickhead. You can have them now. I’m done.”
A wide grin appeared across Pogue’s face. “Thank you Jimbo. If you were a girl I would kiss you.” Everyone laughed. Vic and Add helped themselves with some toast. Helena poured each of them an orange juice. “Where’s Matt?” asked Add. “Still in bed” answered Helena.

When all of them were done with their breakfast, they headed outside to see the house. Pogue get into the car followed by Vic and Add. Helena and Jimmy looked at each other and laughed. “Pogue, it’s just across the street. I bet you will not even sweat by the time we reach the house” said Helena. Helena leaded the way and a few minutes later they reached the house. “We’re here” she announced. Pogue walked beside her. “Helena, when you said near your house, I wasn’t expecting for it to be just across the street.”
“Across the street and three houses to the left” she said and grinned at Pogue. Lucky for them, the previous owner was still there was still there, so they get to tour the house at the very moment. It was a nice house, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms double storey with a pool. Well, just like Helena, the others were not sure if Pogue wanted to stay in that house. “What do u think?” Pogue asked the others. “It nice. Really nice” Add said. “Not sure if you like it though” he added. “Yeah Pogue. To us it’s nice. But not sure about you.” Helena said. Pogue stared at his friends. Then to Vic, his best friend. Vic smiled. Being Pogue’s best friend, Vic knew that Vic wasn’t the stuck up rich kid. He was more down to earth then anyone. “You like it don’t you dickhead?” Vic asked. “Of course. It’s really nice. I’ve always wanted to live in a house where I won’t hear any echoes even when I whisper.”
Everyone was glad to hear that. “So Add, you want to come stay with me?” Pogue asked. “I don’t know Pogue. I mean, I’m going to have to check by budget. You know, to pay the rent and stuff.”
Pogue spanked Add’s head. “Did I say you need to pay?”
Add felt like as if his brains were squeeze. He was still wasn’t use to the spanking. “It hurts. I know. But you’ll get use to it.” Jimmy said.
Add took a deep breath. “You mean I can stay for free?” he asked Pogue.
“Yeah. I wasn’t making any business or something. So you don’t need to pay. Just want a friend to stay with me.”
“Geez, thanks a lot Pogue.” Add said.
Helena looked at Pogue. He might be a wild guy who likes to do crazy stuff, but deep inside he has a big heart. She thought.

Now that they are done with the house, they headed back to Helena’s house. Helena walked beside Pogue and put her hands on his shoulder. “That was really nice of you” she said to him. Pogue looked at her and smiled. “Nah.. it was nothing. Add is a friend. Letting him stay with me for free is nothing much.”
“Well, to me that was really nice and generous.”
Pogue thanked Helena for taking him to see the house. They said goodbye but Add stayed for a while before heading to Pogue’s car.

“Hey guys” he said to Jimmy and Helena. “You’re in UCLA right?”
Both of them nodded.
“Uh.. Do you by any chance know this girl, Ashley Clegg?”
“We know she is your girlfriend but we never really seen her in campus. Right Jimmy?”
“Yeah. Never seen her. Sorry Add.”
“What course is she taking?” asked Helena.
“Chemical Engineering” answered Add.
“We can try look for her if you want to” Helena offered.
“Yeah, sure. Thanks a lot.” Then Add walked towards the Pogue car. “One week” he thought. “One week since the last time I talked to you baby. Where are you?”

During the weekends, Pogue was ready to move in to the new house. A big truck full of new furniture parked in front of the new house. His parents sent a few maids to clean the house the day before. The whole band was there including Matt. They wanted to lend a hand. Help bring in the furniture and stuff. But then, there were not much to do since Pogue’s parents hire workers to do the job. “All those are new Pogue?” Add asked. “Yeah. Mom sold all the stuff from the old house.”
To their surprise, they saw three plasma TVs being carried out of the truck. Jimmy raised his eyebrows. Helena stared in disbelieve. Matt,Add and Vic almost chocked on their pepsivodka. “Why the hell does that dickhead need that much TV?” asked Jimmy. A wide grin appeared across Pogue’s face. “One for the living room, one for my room and another for Add’s room” explained Pogue.
Add’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. “I get a plasma TV?”
“Of course Add. Why not?”
“I don’t know dude. I just couldn’t believe it. Thanks a lot.”
“Hey, a king sized bed good for you Add?”
“What? Yeah. King size is wicked. Why?”
“Well, I got them for your room. Just thought you might not like it.”
Add’s expression changed. He felt slightly guilty since Pogue spend so much on him.
“Pogue, you’re really nice man. But you don’t have to. I mean, I can get stuff for my room on my own.”
“Too late Add. I already bought all the stuff. So, save it for something else. OK dude.”
Everyone looked at the two of them. Pogue, after all, was a really nice guy.
After that Jimmy saw a drum kit being bought out of the truck. “hey dickhead, is that drum kit for me?”
“Not really but you can use them. It’s for the studio.”
The drum kit was followed by amps, guitars, and a few others musical instruments.
“You having a studio in the house?” asked Matt after seeing so many instruments being brought into the house.
“Yeah. Using the other room as a studio so we can all jam” answered Pogue. “Hey guys, I want you guys to know that, all of you are welcome to come here anytime. This is not just my house, this is our house.”

They sat at the front lawn, had some snacks and pepsivodka. Helena brought her guitar and played some songs. She sang “Your Guardian Angel” but The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. She sang with all her heart that no one said anything when she sang. They were so into the music. Especially Jimmy. He had always admired Helena’s singing. Well, he admired everything about Helena.

Hearing that song, Adrian’s heart sunk. It somehow reminded him of Ashley. Yes, he was happy to get to move in with Pogue. Who was being so generous and kind by buying him stuff he never get before. Nothing could get better. He was not being ungrateful, but deep inside he knew that he would trade all these for Ashley. He just wanted to hear from Ashley. That’s all. With all those excitements in the air, he somehow felt sad, lonely. He missed Ashley so bad. Add was being so strong.

For some reason Pogue felt that Helena was looking at him. So he felt quiet strange. It seem like she was singing for him. He wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure how he felt. He wasn’t sure it was the right thing or not. But he knew it felt nice. He bit his lips and tried not to look at her. “What’s up with you?” a text message from Vic, who was sitting right across him. Pogue thought it was really silly to send a text message when he could just talk but he somehow replied. “what’s up with what? And have you lost your voice until you have to text me?”
“You know what I mean. You bit your lips”
“Yeah. So?”
Pogue waited for another reply but there was none. Deep inside he prayed hard that he was the only who felt that way and she wasn’t really singing for him. He turned to Jimmy, who was lost in his own world, admiring Helena with all his heart. Then to Vic, who he thought was grinning like an ape. “Jimbo love her to death” he thought. “Go to hell Pogue. She wasn’t singing for you” he convinced himself.

Everyone applaud at the end of the song. “Wow, you really can sing” Vic complimented. “Thank you Vic. Any chance for us to sing together?” she joked.
“Hey, why not? It’ll be really cool” said Vic.

Mrs. Markus arrived with her red SUV. “Mom!” said Pogue. He got on his feet and rushed towards his mom. He seems like a little boy running to his mother. It was a pretty unusual sight even to everyone including Vic. Though they were best friends for long, Vic never saw Pogue like that. Even Mrs. Markus was surprised to see her 21 year old son came rushing towards her.. “Hello Pogue. Is there anything wrong? You came rushing to me like you were chased or something” she said. Pogue looked at his mom at looked at his friends. Then he looked at Helena, who was looking at him too, and smiling. “She is kinda cute” he thought. He then shook his heat. “God, I got to stop doing that.”

“Pogue? What’s wrong?” his mom asked again. Pogue bit his lips and looked at his mom. Then he shook his head. “Nothing mom. Just hungry” he lied. “Well, lucky you, I bought some food for you and your friends.” Pogue helped his mom carried the food to his friends. All of them stood up when they saw Mrs. Markus walked towards them. Each of them greeted Mrs. Markus and Add thanked her for letting him stay with Pogue and buying him all the stuff.. “Ouh, it’s nothing Adrian” she said. Then Helena greeted Mrs. Markus with a peck on the cheeks. “You are a very beautiful young lady Helena” she complimented and placed her hands on Helena’s cheeks. Helena smiled at her. “Thank you.” Mrs. Markus looked at Helena for a few seconds and turned to Pogue. “Well, I’m sure you must be hungry. Enjoy the food. I’m going in to check the house.” She handed them the food and walked into the house.

They sat down when Mrs. Markus left. But Pogue was the last one to sit. “Move it a little Matt. I want to sit here near Vic” he said. They thought Pogue was joking. So no one moved. “There’s a spot beside my sister. Go sit there dickhead” said Matt. There was a hesitation inside him. It’s not that he hated Helena. He just had this uneasy feeling after what happened a while ago. “What the hell” he thought “you were just being stupid Pogue. She never like you” so he went to sit beside Helena.

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