Sunday, August 31, 2008

So glad you're home,Papa *smiles*

For one whole year, they have waited
Wide smiles appear across their faces
"Ramadhan is here" they said out loud
They race back home to see their loved ones

For one whole year,she has waited
Pain and Joy, she get manage to get through
But tonight, she is delighted
"Papa is back. Dear Lord, thank you"

The big bright moon shine the night
She closed her eyes, her throat gets tight
Soft sweet voice whisper into her ears
"Papa is here. Smile for me princess"

Papa is back. He is here with me as I'm typing. I can feel his presence. Can feel that he is smiling at me. *smiles* If it's not for you I wont be smiling now Pa. Dear Lord, thank you for bringing Papa back. Something happened earlier today that made me so angry. So angry that I felt like murdering someone. But as night falls, as Papa come back, the anger just dissapear. In a blink of an eye. Just like that. Gone. Papa is back. So nothing else matters. You can murder me. You can steal my phone. You can rob me. But Papa is back, and I am so happy with that. Only God knows how glad I am. To Jamie and Adek, though you don't get to spend time with Papa when he was alive, but please, don't feel negelected. Papa is always watching over us. He is always guiding us. So, tonight, he is here. So smile for him. He is back to see that we're doing fine. Show him we're fine. Show him we're happy to have him back. Papa, I love you. So glad you're home.*smiles*

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justice lake said...

the unseen side of lily cartina

bulan. said...

hun,be strong.