Sunday, August 31, 2008

Waiting in Line

Just something I wrote with nazaNik on Yahoo Messenger. and I'm not sure how but along the writing process, we received some help from Amir. Yeah, it sucks. We're aware of that. But what the hell. It's ours. we wrote it. and we like (p/s: Only Oli Sykes and M.Shadows are allowed to sing this song)

Been pending so long, waiting in line
Standing behind the slutface whore
With a knife on her back, she waits
To rip the heart of the angel I’m waiting for

Keep it shut in a box where she'll have it all for her self
No I wont, No I can’t, let the blade stab the chest
I’ll take his hands bring him out of this hell
He was already bleeding, already in pain

Red hot blood, run through his hands
His porcelain fragile heart, broke into pieces
Weeping pearls run through his cheeks
He is alone, he is so weak

I picked up the pieces, but they fell down again
Shattered even more,
But he said its okay “Because it’s you”

His innocent eyes stared into mine
To stay close to him, I wait in line
He just wants to be loved, nothing more
But he keeps getting hurt,by that slutface whore

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justice lake said...

aku pon ade gak dalam tu haha