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Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 7)

Ugly Truth

I've been dying to reach you, but your extension chord wouldn't reach that far.

Cove Reber

No music or poetry
Can compete with your beauty
You are the moon among the stars
You are my beautiful lady

My love for you blooms each and every time
I only have you in my mind
You are my dream you are my fantasy
You are my beautiful lady

“Jimmy!” cried Helena. Jimmy quickly closed his notebook. “What are you doing Jimmy?” Helena looked at his notebook. Jimmy looked at her. Smile. “Oh nothing. Just going through some notes”. Helena raised her eyebrows curiously. Then she shrugged. “OK. Hey, you’re coming to rehearsal?” she asked.
“Pogue’s place?”
“Yeah. 8pm”
She handed Jimmy the soda and turned on the TV in Jimmy’s basement. Both of them stared at the screen and Helena’s finger kept pressing the remote changing from one channel to another and pouted her lips. Jimmy smiled. He knew that Helena pouts when she is bored and he thinks it was really cute. “Whatever.” She finally said. “You can have them Jimmy” handing Jimmy the remote. Then she pulled her legs on the couch and closed her eyes.Jimmy stared with his green eyes. Stare at her milky skin. Stare at her nice long arms hugging herself. Stare are at her long black shiny hair. The tip of his fingers touched her hair. He touched her so slowly that Helena didn’t felt anything.

“Jimmy, are you down there?” Mrs. Sanders called out. Jimmy quickly straightened up. Helena opened her eyes and sat up straight. “Yes mom, I’m down here” replied Jimmy and opened the basement door for his mom. “Hey mom” he said. “May I come in Jimmy?”
“Yeah, of course mom.” Jimmy took his mom down to the basement. Helena stood up when she saw Mrs. Sanders. Mrs. Sanders took a good look around the basement. It was pretty unusual for her to be there. For the past few years, Helena hardly saw her. Mrs. Sanders was usually locked up in her room. Doing drugs. She moved around and then to the drum set. She smiled and run her fingers on them. “Greg” she said softly. “This is Greg’s.” Jimmy moved closer to his mom and put his arms around her. “Yes mom. It’s dad’s.” Helena smiled when she saw that loving sight of mother and son. “Ouh Helena, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there” said Mrs. Sanders, who was wiping off her tears. Helena moved closer to her and gave her a hug. “It’s ok Mrs. Sanders. How are you?”
“I’m fine Helena. Thank you” replied Mrs. Sander. She then sat on the couch joined by Jimmy. She held Jimmy’s hand. “Jimmy, I’m so sorry for not being a good mother to you for all these years.” Jimmy’s chest tightened. He swallowed hard and hugged his mom. “Jimmy, I’m going to rehab” she announced. Jimmy released his mom. He smiled from ear to ear. How he was glad to hear that. “Really mom?” Mrs. Sanders nodded.
“Ouh mom. That’s so awesome” he cried.
“That is very nice Mrs. Sanders” Helen said. Mrs. Sanders looked at both of them. “Thank you so much” she said. “Well, I’m going to leave you to here. Have fun.” Mrs. Sanders left the basement. Helena sat beside Jimmy. His green eyes shone with happiness. She hung her right arm around his neck. “Hey Jimmy, want to go tell dad this great news?” she asked. Jimmy turned to face her, smiled and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go tell daddy.”

The sound of Adrian’s guitar solo filled the studio. His fingers were alive and moving from one string to another at a high speed. Then he kicked the distortion to give the more clear sound of the solo. “Shredder!!” cried Pogue. “You badass Add. I want to cut your fingers.” Adrian gave a small laugh. Pogue was wearing nothing but jeans made Adrian realize the gigantic tattoo on his back. “Dude, nice one you have back there” he said. “Yeah. That Paul sure can do anything.” Pogue replied and reached for the acoustic guitar. The watch showed 7.45.A few moments later they heard the sound of Vic’s motorbike. “Vic’s here” said Add. Then the studio’s door flung open. Vic came in with a weird look on his face. Add looked at Pogue wondering why Vic looked like that. “And what is wrong with you?” asked Pogue. Vic turned to face Pogue. His eyebrows crooked. “Do you have any idea why someone wants to visit a cemetery at night?” Add’s eyes widened. He thought it was spooky. “Look for a ghost maybe” he said. Pogue sighed. “Dude, the cemetery is open 24/7. So it they want to go at midday or midnight, it their business. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it.”
“Yeah, you’re right” Vic agreed. “Jimmy and Helena not here yet?”
“Well, do you see them around?” asked Jimmy. Add laughed. Vic shook his head and snorted. While waiting for the other 2 to arrive, Pogue played with the acoustic guitar. He just plucked and strum, pressed random notes. Later on the random notes started to sound like the rhythm of a song. Pogue sang the song softly. “Guardian Angel” Add said. “What a nice song.”
Vic turned to look at Pogue. Pogue looked so calm, so decent, he had never seen Pogue like that before. “Wait for it” Vic thought. “Wait for it.” By the end of the song, Pogue smiled and bit his lips. “He’d done it again. There sure is something going on with this guy.”

After that, Helena and Jimmy arrived in the studio. “Sorry we’re late” said Helena. Pogue looked up for a second, but looked away after that. “It’s ok Helena. We were just listening to Pogue singing just now” said Vic. Jimmy was surprised. “You can sing dickhead?” Pogue didn’t answer. He just smiled. Everyone thought it was weird for Pogue not to fight back. Jimmy sure was expecting his head to get spanked. But it didn’t happen. Then Vic stood up. “Well, since we’re here. Let’s play some music.”

Since Engine hasn’t had their own song yet, that night they played covers from other bands. And they played them good. With Adrian’s and Helena’s one of a kind guitar duo, Jimmy’s raging drum beats, Victor’s perfect vocal’s and Pogue’s wicked bassist skills as well as energy, they were amazing. What made them played so well is that they had the connection among each other. One can feel the emotions, the energy of the other. After two hours of hard jamming session, they chill at Pogue’s living room. “It’ll be cool to have our own song” said Add. They all nodded. “Yeah, it’ll be really cool” Vic said. “True. I suppose we will work on it soon. Make some wicked stuff for the band. Right Jimbo?” said Pogue. Jimmy smiled at him and nodded. “Hey guys. I want to tell you something” Jimmy said. “Uh, my mom, well, you guys know that…..” Jimmy looked at his friends. He wasn’t sure whether or not to continue his sentence. “It’s ok Jimbo. We don’t judge people.” Pogue said and tapped Jimmy’s shoulder. “Yeah Jimmy, we’re cool. Don’t worry” Add agreed. Jimmy felt better. “Well, mom is going to rehab” he announced. Everyone looked at him with delight. They were glad for Jimmy. “That is cool Jimmy” said Vic. “Hey Jimbo, if you and your mom ever need anything, just let me know. Ok?” Pogue told him. “We wish your mom all the best Jimmy” Helena said. Jimmy smiled. He looked at all his friends and he felt lucky to have them with him. “Thanks. Thanks a lot” he said. Adrian, in the other hand, was still in grief. His girlfriend was still missing in action.

There was a vibration in Helena’s pocket. It was her phone on silent mode. She took out her phone and read the text message from under the table because she doesn’t want the lecturer, Mrs. Baker to see. It was from Adrian. “Found Ashley yet?” Helena hasn’t found Adrian’s girlfriend yet. She then elbowed Jimmy and showed his the message. Jimmy read the message and shook his head. “No luck Add. But we’ll keep trying” she replied.

After the class ended, Jimmy and Helena went to the cafĂ© for lunch. “You don’t know that Ashley girl?” asked Jimmy. Helena, who was eating her burger, shook her head. She then swallowed and drank some water. “I’ve seen her before, but not in campus” she said. Then, she looked around searching for someone from the chemical engineering faculty. “Hey Jimmy, you know that guy Josh?” Jimmy turned to the back to see the guy and he nodded. “He is taking chem. Eng right?”
“I think so. I’m not sure.”
Helena then called Josh to sit with them. She asked him if he knows Ashley.
“Ouh, Ashley Clegg?” Josh asked. Helena and Jimmy nodded.
“Yes, Ashley Clegg. Seen her around?” asked Jimmy.
“Not really dude. I haven’t seen her here this semester.”
“Any idea why?” asked Helena. Josh’s face changed a little
“Look, I don’t know it’s true or not.”
“What is?” Helena asked.
“Someone told me that Ashley went back to her home in New Jersey during the semester break. And….” Josh paused and took a deep breath. “I heard she got pregnant with her ex boyfriend’s child.” Helena choked on her burgers and Jimmy handed her some water. “Whoa Helena, I’m sorry. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Just people talking you know” Josh said. Helena cleared her throat. “It’s ok Josh. Thanks.” Then Josh walked away from their table. Jimmy looked at Helena. Both of them felt bad for Adrian. They knew how much Adrian loves Ashley. “What are we going to do Helena?” asked Jimmy. Helena bit her nails. She felt really uneasy. “I don’t know Jimmy. How are we going to tell Add?”
Jimmy sighed. “I have no idea.” Both of them went silent. They thought hard on how to tell Adrian that his beloved girlfriend was pregnant.
“Add, where you at?” a message written on Adrian’s phone LCD screen. “Heading home. Why?”
“Wanna see you. Me and Jimmy. Let me know when you’re home.”
Adrian drove his car faster. But instead of going home, he stopped at Helena’s house. When he got there, he saw Helena and Jimmy sitting at the patio. He saw Jimmy raised his hands at him. He nodded at him. “Sup guys” he greeted Helena and Jimmy. “hey dude, we thought we wanted to see you at your place” replied Jimmy.
“It’s cool. I’m here now.” Adrian looked at Helena who was so quiet and she held her hands tight. She didn’t even look at Adrian. “Helena, you want to see me?” Add asked softly. Helena nodded and asked him to sit. No one said anything. Then Helena faced Adrian. “Have you talked to Ashley?” she asked. Adrian looked down and shook his head. “I called her but there was no answer.” Now Helena felt worst. She could feel that Adrian was so sad for not talking to Ashley for so long. Now she really had no idea how to break the news to Adrian. Jimmy felt the pressure on Helena. He sat beside her and rubbed her arm as a way of saying “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this.” Suddenly, Jimmy said “Uh.. Add, why don’t try calling her using my phone. Maybe she will answer” Adrian looked at Jimmy. “I don’t know dude.” Jimmy handed Add his phone. “Go ahead.”

Adrian took the phone and dialed Ashley’s number. Someone picked up after 3 rings. But then Helena snatched the phone. Adrian was shocked and pissed off. “She might hang up if she knows it’s you, let me talk” she explained. Adrian closed his eyes and nodded. Helena put the phone on loud speaker.
“hello? Anyone there? Hello?” said the voice on the other line. “Ouh Ashley” Adrian whispered. How he had longed to hear from her. Jimmy stayed close to Add because knew that the bad news is going to break anytime soon.
“Hello. Is this Ashley?” asked Helena.
“Yeah, this is Ashley. Who is this?”
“Hey Ashley. It’s me, Helena. Helena Paulos. Not sure if you remember me though”
“Helena Paulos, Add’s bandmate?”
“Uh….yeah..” Helena replied with a shaky voice. Then there was silent on the other line for a few seconds.
“Add asked you to call me?”
“No. He didn’t. But he did ask me to look for you in campus. He really miss you Ashley.” Then there was sobbing on the other line. Adrian was really worried when he heard that and wanted to talk to Ashley but Jimmy told him not to.
“Ashley, what happened?” The sobbing was still there.
“Helena, I’m so sorry”
“No, please, don’t be. Just, tell me what happened. Why didn’t you answer Adrian’s calls?”
The sobbing went louder. Adrian’s face turned white. His eyes were watering. He couldn’t bear hear Ashley crying. But then Jimmy told him not to say a word.
“I…I….I love Adrian. But then I’ve been a total bitch Helena. I’m a bitch.”
“Ashley, do you want to talk to Adrian? Please tell him the truth. He deserves to know.”
“No, I can’t Helena. I don’t know how. I really love him. But I can’t be with him anymore. He will hate me.”
Adrian shook his head. Warm tears rolled down his cheeks. “No baby, you’re not a bitch and I won’t hate you baby. I won’t” he said out loud. There was a pause on the other line.
“Add!! Ouh God Add.. No Add, you will hate me Add. I’ve been a total bitch.”
“Ashley baby, just tell me what happened. Please.”
They could hear Ashley sobbing harder on the other line. So does Adrian. “Ashley, I love you so much”
“I love you too Add.. But I’ve done something wrong. You will hate me Add.”
“Baby, what happened?”
“Add, I’m pregnant.” Adrian’s face froze. “Dylan’s child.” His heart shattered into small pieces. He was speechless. He wasn’t sure weather to get closer or walk away from Ashley. He didn’t know what to do. Helena, who was still holding the phone, was shivering and sad for what just happened to Adrian. Jimmy sat near Adrian, place his arms around him. None of them knew what to do.
“I’m sorry Add” said Ashley. “I’m so sorry.” But Adrian remained silent. Tears were still falling from his eyes.
“Ashley, we will call you back ok” Helena said and hung up the phone.

She then went to hug Adrian. Add sobbed harder. He was lost. He was confused. He was hurt. “I want to die” he said. “I love her so much.” Helena cried with him. Jimmy just remained silent. Helena then sat beside him. Jimmy sat on the other side. “What should I do Helena?” asked Adrian. Helena closed her eyes. She really wished she could tell him exactly what to do but it seem like her brain just stopped working. “Add, I’m sorry. Honestly, I don’t know.” Adrian couldn’t hold back his tears and cried. Helena’s heart sunk when she saw her friend crying. How she wished she could do something.

A few minutes later, Jimmy saw the figure of Pogue and Vic walking towards them. Before they got to the patio, Jimmy got on his feet and walked towards them. “Dude, is that Helena crying?” asked Pogue. Jimmy nodded. Pogue’s eyes widened. “What happened?” he demanded to know. Jimmy explained to them what went on with Adrian. Pogue and Vic listened attentively as Jimmy explained. “It was really hard for him man” said Jimmy. Vic looked at Adrian from a few meters away. “Yeah, sure is hard. He loves that girl so much” said Vic. Before they knew it, Pogue was already on his way to see Adrian and Helena. Jimmy and Vic followed. Pogue reached the patio but he didn’t say anything. He even signaled Jimmy and Vic to remain silent. He smiled at Helena then sat near Adrian and held his shoulder. Adrian didn’t realize Pogue and Vic were there until Pogue places his hands Add's shoulder. “Hey Pogue, when did you get here?” asked Add in a shaky voice
“Just a while ago”
Adrian saw Vic and smiled. Vic smiled back.
Add continued to cry. His nose was red and running. Tears flooded his eyes. His body was shivering. He was so hurt inside. It was painful. As if he was stabbed multiple times at the chest. Everyone just watched and stayed close. They just let Adrian cry. Not because they don’t care, but because they knew that was the best thing to do at the moment. Cry. Just cry and let go of all the pain inside.
“Add, it’s better to face the ugly truth then the beautiful lie” Pogue said. Everyone turned to see him. They couldn’t believe that those words came from Pogue’s mouth. Add nodded. Pogue suddenly looked at Helena. “She had stopped crying” he thought. He smiled at her. She smiled back. “Add, I’m sorry” Vic said. “I know things are not going to get better when you wake up tomorrow. But you got to be strong. I know you can do this Add.” Again, Add nodded. “Lets go home Add. Get some rest. We’ll talk again later” said Vic. Adrian sighed. There were streaks of tears on his face. His eyes were red and swollen. He looked at his friends and stood up. “Let’s go home” he said. Vic nodded and got up too. He looked at Pogue. Pogue signaled his to go home first. So Vic and Add went home. “I think I’ll be going too” said Jimmy. “Going to see dad?” Helena said weakly. Jimmy smiled and nodded. He kissed Helena on the forehead. “Take care. See you.”

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