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Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 8)

Guilty Pleasure
Your love is like bad medicine

Jon Bon Jovi

Jimmy went home with his motorbike, leaving only Helena and Pogue at the patio. “Hey” Pogue said. “Hey” replied Helena. Pogue moved closer to her. “You sad?” he asked. Helena nodded. “OK. Let’s get sad together.” Helena laughed. “Ouh, you laughed when you’re sad. Now I know.” Helena looked at Pogue. Pogue winked at her. “You were crying so hard just now” Pogue said. “I know. It was just so sad” she said.
“Yeah it was” Pogue agreed. “Poor Adrian.” She nodded.
“I wish I could do more to help” she said.
“You’ve helped a lot Helena. You help him found out the whole truth.”
Helena remained silent.
“Hey, don’t feel bad ok. There’s nothing more that we can do. Now, we just need to be there for Add. Help him recover.”
Helena felt better after hearing those.
“Your words were beautiful anyway.” Helena said.
“What words?”
“It’s better to face the ugly truth then the beautiful lie”
Pogue suddenly laughed. Helena crooked her eyebrows. She didn’t know what was so funny.
“I’m sorry; it’s just that, you remembered every word of it. It sounds funny” he said. Helena just nodded and looked away. She didn’t like it when people laughed when she wasn’t joking. Pogue stopped laughing and cupped her cheeks. “Sorry Helena.”
Helena smiled but didn’t look at him. Pogue pinched her cheeks. “I know you’re smiling” he said. Helena looked at him at the corner of her eyes. Pogue sat across her and cupped both her cheeks.
“You have big beautiful eyes.” Pogue complimented
“You have a big beautiful heart” Helena said. Helena held both Pogue’s hand and looked at him directly in the eyes.
“Your hands are shivering” he said.
“You’re biting your lips” she said.

The sound of a car engine interrupted their conversation. It was Matt’s car. Pogue quickly let go of Helena’s hand and Helena quickly straightened up. Pogue stood up as he saw Matt walking towards them. “Hey dickhead” said Matt.
“Sup Matt” he replied. He then looked at Helena and then turned to Matt. “Uh, I was just leaving. Later. Good night.” He then walked back to his house. Matt and Helena then walked into the house. Helena looked out and saw Pogue walking. When Pogue was out of sight, she shut the door. Matt then smiled cynically at his sister.“What was that about?” he asked. She looked sternly at Matt. “What was what about?”
“That and the holding hands” he said with a very cynical grin across his face. “What holding hands?” Helena pretended to ask. She then walked towards the kitchen and took out the chocolate bar. Her brother followed. Matt still had that smile on his face. Again, Helena gave him a stern look and walked out of the kitchen. She turned on the TV in the living room and ate her chocolates. Matt sat beside her but she pushed him away. Matt just laughed at his sister’s act. “Ok sweetie. Fair enough. I’m going upstairs now.”

After that day, the 5 of them hung out more often at Pogue’s place. Just to keep Add accompany. They knew Add was still very sad. So, no one even mentioned about the incident again. Unless if Add want to talked about it. But then Add too did not talk about it much. He just cried once in a while, to release his sadness and then he took a deep breath, and regained his strength. That was a part of the healing process. Add was so thankful that he had his friends to support him.

Now the band rehearsed more often. That way, Add can get his mind of everything. The guitar was like drug to him. He felt so free, so relieved when he was shredding the guitar solo. “Hell yeah Add!!” said Jimmy from behind his drum set. “That was one badass solo!!” Vic screamed. Everyone cheered for Add. Then everyone settled down, Turned off the amps, cleared the studio a bit and went for a drink at The Shack. They sat at their usual table but this time Pogue pulled chair to sit beside Helena instead of Victor. Everyone didn’t noticed the seating change except Vic. But he just kept quiet about it. He knew that something was going on with Pogue and sooner or later he will find out about it. “You’re wicked Add” said Pogue.
“Hell yeah you are!” Vic agreed. He then turned to Helena, who was eating fries. “Anyway Helena, any news about the battle of the band Matt told you about?” Vic asked.
Helena nodded while she chewed the fries. “Well, Matt said it’ll be around January”
“Next year?” Pogue asked.
“Seven months to be exact” Helena answered. Pogue just nodded.
“Actually, we’re the first to know about this. The company will not announce it to the public until October.”
‘That explains why it is a long way to go” said Add.
“Well, give up more time to practice” said Jimmy.
“True” Vic agreed.

At the mean time, Pogue looked at Helena, who was gobbling her large plate of fries. Pogue then reached out to grab some of the fries but she pushed his hand away. “Go get your own” said Helena. He laughed. Then the other three looked at them. It was pretty unusual to see Pogue like that. “I just want a little bit” Pogue said. Helena shook her head. “No, I’m hungry” she replied sternly.
“No you’re not. You just like to eat” Pogue said. Helena looked at her with her big brown eyes. Then she shrugged.
“Yeah, you are right. I love to eat.” She said and continued to gobble her fries. Pogue just stared at her. “She is cute” he thought. Then he looked at Jimmy. He sighed. He felt bad. Really bad.

Later that night, Pogue kept tossing and turning on his bed. The clock showed 3 am. Yet he was still wide awake. He then got up and sat on his bed. “Why the hell can’t I sleep?”
One thing for sure, the guilt he felt when he looked at Jimmy was still there. “Why am I feeling bad for Jimbo?” he thought. “It’s not that I like her.” But the voice deep inside him told him that wasn’t true. He was lying to himself. “God, Jimbo love her to death. I can’t like her. Hell no.”

He put on his hoodies and opened the windows of his bedroom. He sat on the window pane, looking out at the moon and stars. Everyone was asleep, it was so quiet. He closed his eyes and felt the cold night breeze on his skin. He was enjoying the silent, the sound of nature. Until he heard something else. He opened his eyes. Yes, there was something else. It was soft. It was sweet. It has got a melody to it. It sounded like a song. It sounded like a guitar. A guitar. Pogue turned to the right and there it was the source of the melody. Just what he expected it to be.

The clock showed 3 am. Helena sighed. She was asleep but then was awaken by the barking of the neighbor’s dog. The problem about Helena was, when she was woken up in the middle of her sleep, she couldn’t go back to sleep. So now, even after almost half an hour since the dog barked, she was still wide awake. “No use staying in bed” she thought. “Not that I can go back to sleep.” So, the got out of her bed and went downstairs. It was dark but she didn’t bother to turn on the lights. She just took her acoustic guitar and went outside. She sat on ground at her front lawn. As usual, she played random songs on her guitar. Any song that came to mind.

She could see Pogue’s house from where she sat. It was 3am so everyone was asleep. The house was dark. Until, Helena saw some movement. Someone opened the window. She wasn’t sure whose room that was. “Add or Pogue?” she wondered. She was unsure. Then that guy sat on the window pane and the moonlight shone on him. Now she could get a clearer view of the guy. He was wearing only his pajama pants and hooded sweater. But he left the zip opened exposing his tattooed chest and nice abs. “Pogue” Helena thought. She just smiled and continued to play her guitar. Then Pogue stuck out his head from the window. “He saw me” she thought. So she raised her hands. Pogue smiled and waved back.

After that Pogue shut his window. “Oh well, he’s going back to sleep.” But she was wrong. Not long after that she heard footsteps coming towards her. Then there he was, standing on the front lawn, dressed in pajama pants and unzipped hoodies. “Sup” he said. Helena looked up the sky. “The stars and moon” she replied. Pogue nodded and laughed. He joined Helena on the front lawn.
“Can’t sleep?” she asked.
Pogue nodded.
“Why?” asked Helena.
Pogue shrugged.
“Don’t know. Just can’t sleep. You do his often Helena?”
“Do what?”
“Play guitar on your front lawn in the middle of the night”
“Well, the dog from that house barked like hell and woke me up. Now I can’t go back to sleep.”
Pogue nodded. “Ah, that explains.”
Helena looked at him. Then her eyes moved to see Pogue’s nice slim abs. “Take of your hoodies” she said. Pogue’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. “Wha…??”
“I want to see your tattoos” she said. Pogue sighed. “Yeah, ok” so he took off his hoodies. Leaving him topless. “You have nice tattoos” she said. She then shifted to Pogue’s back to see the angle wings. Pogue sat still. Helena ran her fingers on Pogue’s tattoo. Pogue felt her cold fingers moving. It was so soft. He felt as if he was electrocuted with every touch. He bit his lips. “Ouh God” he thought.

Then Helena went back to her place and picked up her guitar. “You done?” he asked. Helena smiled and nodded. Pogue was relieved and put on his hoodies. Still unzip. “Hey, can you play me that song” he asked.
“What song Pogue?”
“The one you played at my house, the day I moved in”
“Oh, Guardian Angel. Yeah sure, no problem.”
Helena plucked the strings and started singing. Once again, Pogue felt the same way as he did when Helena sang that song before. He felt as if she was singing for him. It felt nice. Really nice. Helena’s soft voice filled his ears. The words of the song filled his heart. Suddenly he felt happy, he felt so delighted, the guilt he felt was swept away by Helena’s singing. He bit his lips.

Before Helena could finish the song, Pogue drew closer to her and grabbed her hands. He put the guitar aside and held her so close to him. He then pressed his lips on to hers. He kissed her slowly. And to his surprised she kissed him back. It was a soft, lingering kiss. Helena placed one hand around his neck and another around his bare waist. His hands moved on her arms and her neck. After a long kiss, Pogue let go. “This is not right” he said. Helena was puzzled. “What is not right?” Pogue let go of her completely. “I’m sorry Helena. I can’t do this.” Pogue stood up and walked towards his house.
“What are you talking about?” Helena almost yelled. Pogue stopped and turned back. He closed his eyes and sigh. He thought of Jimmy. He saw the way Jimmy looked at her with his green eyes. How much Jimmy loves her. He just couldn’t do it. He walked closer to Helena and cupped her cheeks. “Helena, I’m so sorry. But we can’t do this” he said and walked away.

She stared at Pogue walked away. Her chest tightened and her eyes watered. But she wiped them away. She then walked into the house and slammed the door behind her. A few minutes late Matt ran down the stairs. “Who is that??” he yelled. He turned on the lights and saw Helena sitting crossed legs at the door. “Helena?” he said. Helena nodded. Her face was red. There was an angry expression across her face. “Sweetie, what are you doing there?” Helena didn’t say a word. She didn’t even look at her brother. Matt then pulled her sister up and brought her to the sofa. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Helena remained silent. She then turned to her brother and stared at him. “Matt,I love Pogue” she said.

Pogue banged his head on the door in his room. “Damn it!” he said. At that moment, 4.30 am, he was pissed off. He was angry at himself. He was angry for being happy to be near Helena. He was angry to be delighted to hear Helena singing. He was angry for the pleasure of kissing Helena. He sighed. Then he moved to his window. Helena was gone. He kept staring at the house. Then he saw the light of one of the room on the second floor lit up. Pogue’s heart beat faster. A figure moved inside. It moved towards the window. Pogue’s heart beat even faster. And then it opened the curtains. “God, she is beautiful.” There stood Helena in a white shirt and purple pajama pants, her arms crossed. She stood by the window, just like what Pogue was doing. He could see her looking towards him. But he didn’t turned on the lights to she couldn’t see him. She wasn’t smiling. She was angry. It showed in her face. “I’m sorry baby.” Then her face softened. It was as if she could hear him. He too saw Helena use her hands to rub her eyes. As if she was wiping her tears. “Don’t cry love. I’m sorry” he said. He too, was sad. So sad. How he longed to be with her. How he loved it when she placed her arms around him. But he couldn’t. “Jimmy loves you Helena. He loves you so much. I’m so sorry.” Suddenly Pogue took his cell phone and dialed his Mom’s number. After a few rings her mom answered. Before she could say hello, he said “Mom, I love Helena”

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