Thursday, October 23, 2008

Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 9)

Two of a Kind

“Mom, no, Victor Johnstone is right here with me. We’re in the car. On the way to….uh…we’re not sure yet. But he is here. Not in New York.”
“But I just saw him Pogue. How is that possible?”
Pogue sighed. He looked at Victor and Add who was at the back seat. Both of them were speechless. So was Pogue. “Mom, I think you need glasses. I love you.” And he hung up the phone. Vic and Add laughed at the conversation. “What was that about dude?” asked Vic. Pogue shook his head and sighed, again. “You heard me. Do you have to ask?”
“Geez, what’s wrong with you today dickhead? PMS or something?” asked Add.

Things are unpacked, house was decorated, and everything seemed just fine. But Mrs. Markus was uneasy. She usually went to the garden in the evening. But now that she lived in a town house in the middle of New York City, there didn’t seem enough land to plant even one rose. She sat silently on the armchair facing the gigantic glass window with the nice view of NYC. “Is everything alright ma’am?” Mrs. Markus smiled at Henry, the butler. “Yes Henry. I just miss my flowers.”
“Ouh, yes, of course. I’m sorry about that”
“It’s ok Henry. I guess I’m just a boring person. New York is one of the best cities in the world. Yet I am here, bored. ”
“No you are not ma’am. You just prefer the more peaceful kind of fun.”
A smile appeared across Mrs.Markus face. At least she had someone to talk to.
“I heard there is a very nice park here in New York ma’am.”
She then looked at Henry. With the widest smile on her lips. “The Central Park! Of Course! Henry, go and change. You are coming with me.”
Henry was shocked. He was never invited by Mrs. Markus for a casual outing before “Are you sure ma’am?”
“Very sure indeed Henry. I’ll be bored stiff without you. Go get ready. We’re going out.”

It was 10 minutes walk from the town house to the Central Park. Mrs. Markus was delighted to finally see some greens. She inhaled the fresh air and sat on the bench facing the lake. “This is very nice. How can I forget about this park?”
“Maybe because you were so busy missing home until you forgets to give New York her chance to be your new home ma’am.”
They then continued walking around the park. Enjoying the scenery of one of the most visited park in the world. They passed through mother strolling with their baby, owner walking their dogs, young people jogging, and a young man with a sketch book in his hand. Mrs. Markus and Henry stared at that young man.
“He seems rather familiar ma’am” said Henry.
“ Yes indeed Henry.”
Mrs. Markus continued to examine the young man. He sat on the ground in his jeans and blue t-shirt. He had a few tattoos on his arms on piercings on his ears and lips.
“He looks exactly like Victor, Henry. Yes, Pogue’s best friend. Exactly like him.”
Henry nodded. Still staring at that young man. “Yes ma’am. But it is shocking that he looks exactly like Victor. But with longer hair and less tattoos perhaps.”
Mrs.Markus dialed Pogue’s number on her cell phone. She talked to Pogue for a few minutes and hung up. “He said I need glasses Henry.”
Henry couldn’t help but to laugh a little. “I’m sorry ma’am. But veterans like us may need glasses.”
Suddenly the young man noticed that there were two middle aged people looking at him. He looked at them and smiled to be polite.
That young man then closed his sketch book and walked towards Mrs.Markus and Henry. “Good evening ma’am, sir” he greeted them politely. “I’m so sorry but I couldn’t help noticing that you were looking at me.”
“Oh my, we’re really sorry.” Mrs. Markus apologized. “You just look like someone we knew.”
“Exactly like him actually” Henry added. Now that the young man in right in front of him, he examined him from head to toe. He was amazed on how much that young man reassembles Victor.
The young man smiled at them. “No need to be sorry ma’am. It’s ok. Well, it was pleasure meeting you. I have to run.”
Mrs. Markus and Henry smiled at him. They continued to stare at him as he walked away.
“My my Henry…”
“Yes, I know ma’am. He looks exactly like Victor.”
“Very much indeed. But how is that possible?”
Henry shook his head. He wanted to ask the same question himself.

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