Friday, October 3, 2008

Nazareth - Bdak2 Bangang yang Rocks.

Nazareth are 3 people who actually have the same blood running through their veins but God placed us in different wombs by mistake. Because of that, we have different moms and it took us years to unite. After so many years, faith bought us together and the most amazing thing happen to us. All grown up, Zane being the eldest and the sensitive, Nikols being the middle and the wise, Loly being the youngest, the only girl and the apple of the eye(haha). Each of us has our own stories, has our own thing to deal with, has our own way, but then we walk hand in hand. A quote from Hamlet, "One for all, all for one". None of us will ever walk alone. We got each others back, we hold on tight to one another and we held our strength to each other. You hate one of us means u hate all of us. The street is our teacher. None of us is perfect. Each of us has our own flaws. But what the hell, everyone does. We just learn to accept each other because we know we are special in our own way. Ouh, we can get really insane. Ouh, yeah, all 3 of use wear eye liners. This is a family. This is the Nazareth. Bdak2 Bangang yang Rocks.

Zane Nazareth

Zaini. 20 years old. Lily's boyfriend. Eldest among 5. Bless with good looks and a beautiful heart. His lips is his asset. Never want to hurt anyone until sometimes he hurt himself just to please others. Very sensitive. Like everyone else, he just wants to be love. Can be foolish at times but still very rational. Cares too much about what other thinks. Cares a lot about his loved ones. Own a nice pair of US army jacket. Guitarist.

Nikols Nazareth

Nik. 19 years old. Eldest among 6. Older than he really is. Physically, he is in a really good shape. Carve his words very well and knows what he is talking about. Talks but don't tell. Made mistakes in the past but never regret. Gifted with the ability to analyze other's personality.Highly compassionate. Don't like him? Tell it to someone who cares because he sure don't give a damn. Black is his daily uniform. Soon to be drummer.

Loly Nazareth

Lily. 17 years old. Zaini's girlfriend. Eldest among 3. Not a cutie like Liyana Jasmay, not a hottie like Avril Lavigne, not a fashion icon like Paris Hilton. Not even close to good looking caused her to be friendly to everyone for ugly people like her cant be bitchy. Just some loner girl who has issues. Been hurt too much to hurt others. Independent. Can read her like a book but only certain people understand what she is trying to say. Don't pull the trigger that often but once she does, she will hit the bull's eyes. Always walk around town in a purple hoodies and torn jeans. Guitarist.

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