Sunday, November 23, 2008

The case of the Eye Liners

For all these while, I've been using pencil eye liners. It's easy to apply and it sure looks nice on me. *laugh* But then, I went to a cousin's place and I saw her liquid eye liner. So I asked if I could try some of them on and she nodded.

I've never use liquid eye liner before but I figured that it might not be much difference than pencil eye liner. After all, they were still eye liners. *laugh* Things were easier said than done. Slowly, I moved the tip of the liquid eye liner at my lower eye lids like I usually do, but this time the eye liner sort of spread and my eyes look too big. Damn. Wiped them off with a tissue. Still unsatisfied. So I went for round two. This time, I tried applying in at my upper eye lids. It was okay but it was uneven. My left eye appeared bigger. *sigh* Another tissue and round three. I applied half on my upper eye lids and my lower eye lids. Catastrophe. I looked like a raccoon. Thus, I went to the toilet, washed my face and used my good old pencil eye liner instead. Boy, I look good. Hell yeah.

Some things are better left unchanged

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me in the train at 5 a.m..=) said...

lily..aishah ni..=) log on la my blog kt meinthetrainat5am

[me in the train at 5 a.m] said...

ape name ur blog eh?hehe.tata.

dy rocketstar said...

So true :)