Sunday, November 9, 2008


For my wings. Both left and right.

Hey Dude,
Writing to you
Not to tell you
That I still love you
Just to ask you how you feel

How we fell apart?
How this fell apart?

Are you happy out there in this big wide world?
Do you think about the times?
Do you miss your little girl?
When you lay your head down, how do you sleep at night?
Do you even wonder if I'm alright?

But I'm alright
I'm alright

It's been a long hard road without you by my side
Why were you so hard on me when you know I'm fragile?
Why were you so cold when it's raining inside?
Why did you vanish when you're all I wanted?
It's not okay, but I'm alright

I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes
But those are just a long lost memories of mine
I spend so many years learning how to survive
Now I'm writing just to let you know I'm still alive

The days I spend so cold, so lonely
Were full of hate, I was so angry
The scars run deep though the knife is out already
But I wont take to my grave

Because I'm okay
I'm okay

Most of the times,
I forgive
This time,
I'll admit
That I miss you
said I miss you

Yeah dude, I really do.

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