Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sincerity is the best feeling.

How nice. How amazing. I woke up with a smile on my lips but tears in my eyes. Dear Lord, thank you for the wonderful dream. It so beautiful that it made me smile and cry. *smile*

In dreams, everything is possible.
In this particular dream, I saw the 4 year old me but my 17 year old mind. Something like, disguising as the younger you but inside you are still your older self. yeah. It was my 4 year old environment. It's a little complicated to describe. Well, it's something like my cousins were younger, the house decorations were different, those stuff you know. How nice. Really. And you know what's nicer? Papa. Yes, Oh Lord, how I was glad, how I was happy, how I was delighted, to saw my Papa. Standing there, right in front of me. Smiling at his little princess. I ran towards him and he caught me in his arms and lifted me.I hold on to Papa's neck really tight and cried. Remember, it was my 4 year old body but my 17 year old mind. Of course, Papa seeing his little princess crying, he get all panic and stuff. Caress my hair and kiss my cheeks, calm me down with "Anak Papa kan lawa. Don't cry. Nanti tak lawa." *smile* Yes, he always use those words. I still remember. How can I forget? heh. Then in that dream, I kiss my Papa on the cheeks, hug him tighter and told him "Pa, along sayang papa. Hari-hari along rindu papa. Along lame kasi big hug kat papa." Then I saw Papa smiling at me. "Papa kan ade dengan along ni. Papa slalu dengan along. Papa slalu kasi big hug along." He then kissed me on my forehead. I cried harder. "I love you Pa. I really do Pa." Once again, he smiled at me, and said "I love you too my little princess. But, if along sayang papa, tak nak nangis lagi. Along kene kuat. Kuat mcm Mama." he paused and see me wipe my tears with my little hands. He smiled. "There, tak nak nangis dah. Kan lawa." I smiled and jumped in his arms. "Along sayang papa. Papa jangan pergi." "Papa pun sayang along. Papa tak pergi mane2 Papa selalu dengan along."

Then the brightness of the morning sunlight woke me up. The dream has ended. But my life has just begun. I finally get to tell Papa how much I love him. *smile and cry*
This little thing, this little dream, make this little girl so happy.
Along sayang Papa.

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bulan. said...
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nory said...

I luv u Lily

Lily Cartina,17 said...

i love u too mak yee