Monday, December 15, 2008

I have to be badass to be a rockstar. Really??

Friend A: mati la!! boring dowh!
Friend B: hah. ko bgtau skang nak g mane. aku bawak. cepat! Lily. nak g mane?
Lily: aku ikot korang je.
Friend A: snooker jom.
Lily: korang g ah. aku nak balek.
Friend B: hehehhe..tak rockstar ah beb.
Lily: pehal lak?
Friend B: kalau rockstar main snooker, rokok kat mulut. baru rock!
Lily: heh. takpe ah. dah kol 2 kot. takpe ah dude. aku balek ah. later.

On my way home, I've have this thought that lingered in my mind. I have to smoke to be a rockstar? To be a rockstar, I have to be badass like Kid Rock? To be a rockstar, I have to sniff cocaine like Sid Vicious and die? To be a rockstar, I have to have beer in my hand all the time? Hell no. Not at all. Yes, when it comes to rockstar, the thought that come to mind is immoral despicable bunch of badass people who drink too much and break every single thing that they get their hands on. Typical rockstar they say. Well, I have to admit, some rockstars are like that. They like to wreck hotel rooms and get high. BUT, if you are a rockstar in making, you don't have to be like the so called typical rockstars. Dare to be different. And bear in mind that it is the talent that makes you rock. It's your music that counts. Come on, that brutal looking tattoo covered M.Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold is a non-smoker and non-drinker. but he still rock like hell. Chris Martin of Coldplay is a decent man but still rocks. Noh from Hujan never leave out the 5 times prayers(which is compulsory to all Muslim), still, he makes good rocking music. See? You don't have to be that badass to be a rockstar. You can have fun, you can headbang, you can scream your throat out, you can stay up all night and make noise, you can make good music, you can be a rockstar WITHOUT smoking,drinking, or do whatsoever that you think a rockstar require. Fuck that. There is no specific handbook that says you have to be (insert verb here) to be a rockstar. Hell no. You can stay clean and rock out. Just ask M.Shadows. :-)

You don't have to change what you are to be what you want

2 screams:

[meinthetrainat5am] said...

lily,kamu betul!=)

farisa zaffa razak said...

well first of all i like the picture. hah.

second of all, if u r just like any other "rockstar", then u r not unique. and so, that would be rather boring. just do what defines u as Lily.

i know some bunch of kids over here bond thru some alcohol drinks late at night...but we dont have to roll like them eh?

:D thought might give u some .. err... adult advice... haha. (belom tua lagi)