Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Phrase of Disgrace

It is better to be loved than to love itself.

That is the phrase commonly used to be in a relationship. It means it is better to be with someone who loves you although you don’t really love them rather than be with someone who you love with all your heart but does not love you as much. Correct? *laugh* Maybe some part of it

Being love is nice. You will be adored, you will be cherished, you will be the apple of the eye. In that person eyes, you are the beauty queen/prince charming. You have the porcelain skin, the silky hair, the luscious figure, you are perfect. But to you, who is that person? Yes, that person who loves you, who adored you, who is that person to you? “Well, he/she loves me. That’s good enough”. Most of us might say. True, it is good enough. More than enough. We get everything. But what about that person get? That person who loves you. What do they get? You get together with that person simply because that person loves you. Because you are desperately in need of love and the only person who is willing to love you is them. You got no where to go. Thus, without further notice, you run to that person who had been waiting patiently and use the 3 holy words that they have been dying to hear without even meaning it to get that security, that sincerity, and most of all that love. By doing so, you taint the holiness of those words. Those 3 holy words are “I Love You”.

Now, let’s turn the table around. Now you are not the one being loved. But you are the one in love. You are the one adoring instead of being adored. You are the one are the one loving instead of being loved. You are the protagonist. And, your partner holds on to this phrase that says “it is better to be loved than to love itself”. In other words, you love them more than they love you. You love than person wholeheartedly but that person may be in love you halfheartedly. To you, they mean everything, but to them you mean something, but not necessary everything. The world you live in revolves around them, but their world don’t revolve around you. Deep down inside, you do feel like you are not loved as said. But when being asked, they will say “I love you, I really do”. It is nice to hear, but as convincing as it sounds, you feel like it was simply words, perhaps a glue to keep you sticking to them just because they are in need of someone. Just because they are too weak to stand on their own. Just because they are too lost to find their way home. Just because they are too afraid to be alone.

That is why only a part of that phrase can be used. The part where you are the one being love. Where you are the one who gets everything but gives back almost nothing. Where you are the one being selfish. Where you think of nothing but your own. While on the other hand, the bad part of this phase is where you are the one loving. Where you are the one who gives everything but gets back almost nothing. Where you are the one being selfless. Where you think of others more than your own.

Some may agree if I say it is better being selfish. You get what we want. Life is too short to think of others. Yes, you get what you want. How? By hurting others. By using others. No matter how beautiful/handsome you are, if you gain but never give back, you are the ugliest person. With your face full of mud and hands full of filthy blood. You are a disgrace.

The phrase “it is better to be loved than love itself” is disgusting. My sin will be more than a murderer if I practice that phrase into action. To hurt someone who loves you with all their life, they are better off being killed. Because by killing them, they will only feel the pain once. Just once. The analogy of not loving someone who loves you so much is like slathering them very slowly with a knife with salt on the blade. The pain is excruciating that I dare say they will once wish that they would rather die. So demonic. Such evil. What a disgrace.

Therefore, love someone because you love them. Not out of pity, not out of compassion, and definitely not out of selfishness. Love is pure. Love is sincere. Love is honest. If you do not love that someone, do not give them false fake hopes. The ugly truth that you do not love them might hurt them but it is much better than blinding them with the beautiful lie that you love them. Evil comes is disguise and vice-versa. Truth and Pain seem to be walking in parallel but Truth only walk hand in hand with Kindness. No matter how much the truth hurts at first, it will be the best thing in the end. The truth will find its way.

The antagonist and protagonist. This phrase let out the selfishness out of the antagonist. Allowing it's pride to be sky scraping tall until they lose sight the base that keep it standing strong in the first place. As for the protagonist, every inch of them will be squashed,stepped on,and beaten up. Especially their heart and soul that in the end they are going to do anything just to feel better. Even making a beast out of themselves. This phrase is a major disgrace. It is so disgraceful because it can make a devilish figure out of an angelic soul.

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