Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rainbow on a gloomy day

I love my job.
Because I get to meet tons of Cute and Adorable little kids!
They say Thank you in the cutest way after they get their favourite ice cream.
and the way they eat their ice cream, so messy until sometimes the ice cream get on their chubby cheeks, just make me go "awwww....."

This beautiful sight erase all the pain and sorrow in me
Like a rainbow on a gloomy day
The colour on a blank piece of paper
So pleasant
So calming
So charming
I love my job

4 screams:

[meinthetrainat5am] said...

i envy you!
nant me ajak kwn2 jmpe awk kt baskin rbin...haha
mest fun gle.

Anonymous said...

aii bole chat lg???hihihih

Lily Cartina,17 said...

how can we chat if i dont even know who u are anonymous?

arnie azreen said...

hi lily!!!
hari tu i pegi baskin tp u takde..
nanti i pi lagi,
so that i can thank you nicely
and you can see me smile cutely..
*haha! :P