Friday, January 23, 2009

Contrary Confrontation #1

Higher Self : *pokes*

Lower Self : What the fuck?

Higher Self : *grins*

Lower Self : What da??

Higher Self : Greetings.

Lower Self : Yeah..Hi..*crook eyebrows*

Higher Self : How are you? *still grinning*

Lower Self : Okay..I guess...yeah..I'm good..

Higher Self : I sense doubt in your voice.

Lower Self : What do you mean?

Higher Self : I mean you weren't telling the truth.

Lower Self : Are you calling me a liar?

Higher Self : You weren't telling the truth, were you? so I suppose you are a liar.

Lower Self : *frown* Who the hell are you?

Higher Self : Someone so close yet so far.

Lower Self : How is that possible?

Higher Self : Nothing is impossible.

Lower Self : Keep talking.

Higher Self : I am always with you and you are always with me. But we often deny each other existence. You especially, always deny my existence. You said you are better on your own and being what you are now. One thing for sure, I am much better than you.

Lower Self : Yeah, sure, everyone is much better than me. *smirk* By the way,I AM better on my own and I do not hate myself.

Higher Self : Really?

Lower Self : Hell yeah.

Higher Self : If you're better off alone then why did you call that person a while ago?

Lower Self : I didn't call no one.

Higher Self : Liar.

Lower Self : Okay..okay..yeah, I was calling someone.

Higher Self : But you said you're better off alone.

Lower Self. I am.....maybe..

Higher Self : So why did you call him?

Lower Self : Because I was bored.

Higher Self : You called him but received no answer. You tried again and again. That was not out of boredom.

Lower Self : It was!

Higher Self : Lia..

Lower Self : *interrupt* Okay! stop calling me a liar.

Higher Self : I will if you stop lying.

Lower Self : So I will.

Higher Self : Now you shall speak nothing but the truth.

Lower Self : Yeah, sure. Geez, no wonder I deny your existence.

Higher Self : So why?

Lower Self : Why what?

Higher Self : Why did you call him?

Lower Self : *Look down*

Higher Self : You missed him don't you?

Lower Self : *Throat tightens*

Higher Self : Aren't you pissed?

Lower Self : About what?

Higher Self : About what he just did.

Lower Self : He might be busy. He has lots of friends you see. I think he is hanging out with them. That is why he didn't answer my calls.

Higher Self : It was not just the calls that I am talking about.

Lower Self : Then?

Higher Self : It is the way he is treating you. The comes and goes anytime he likes. And you know that he was not that busy and he can answer your calls, it's just that he does not want to. You know he purposely did that.

Lower Self : *eyes watered* Don't say that. You don't know him. He too am human you know. And human have flaws. Thus, he deserve forgiveness.

Higher Self : *smirk* Were you not angry?

Lower Self : *Sobs*

Higher Self : Were you not hurt?

Lower Self : *Sobs harder*

Higher Self : Stop with the sobbing will you.Say something.

Lower Self : *give a stern sharp look*Yes I was angry. I was hurt so much. I really feel like yelling and cursing at him. I want to say "Fuck you! you damn jerk!". I want to let him know that he had hurt me so by treating me like shit and I feel like stabbing him 50 fucking times.

Higher Self : If that is how you really feel, then why not let it show?

Lower Self : *eyes still watering* Because he is my friend. My best friend. I can't do that to him. In fact, he had lost many friends before. I don't want to be one of them. So I thought, It's okay. It is better if he comes and leave then he leave for good.

Higher Self : You're a fool.

Lower Self : I am indeed, a Sentimental Fool.

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Anonymous said...

it's time to move on

Lily Cartina said...

i never stop moving.