Sunday, January 4, 2009


You bring me the light.


After being left in the dark for so many gruelling days,
you came, though unwillingly, bring along the light.

And it shone so brightly,
that it put a smile on my face,
that it has a sweet taste,
that it dry the tears,
that it bring me happiness.

I am happy now that I am no longer in the dark.

I told you that all I need is to know the truth
I told you that all I need is to hear them from you
I told you that all I need is the light

Although you gave me the light of farewell,
I accept it with open arms
because that is the only source of light that is left
because that is the only light you can offer

And I accept anything that is offered from you

For everything from you,
I believe is precious
For better or for worst
if it is from you,
I will treasure.

I shed so many tears when you left me in the dark.

For I didn't know what to do
For I didn't know where to go

But the tears dried the momment you bring in the light.

Thank you my darling
For now I am no longer left in the dark.
For now I have the light.
Your light.

I love you.I still do.

The light shine brightest in the dark.

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