Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Havent your daddy taught you?

Once upon an evening, after working the night syift for almost 8 hours, a few of my friends picked me up to go for a drink in TC. It was cool. There were lots of laughter and stupid jokes. The best part were of course, being with friends. *smile*

Went for a drink then walk along the pavement enjoying the breeze and nightlife of TC. Then as usual, one of my friends cracked with a silly joke caused me to laugh my ass off while I was walking. Since I was multitasking, the percentage of the stimulus sent to my brains were less. My brain were processing the laughter stimulus more than the walking stimulus.In short, I was walking like a drunken bitch. With the laughter of a banshee, I sort of forgotten that I was in a public area and certainly didn't realise that there was a Hawt Chick(must be spoken as the same tone as Paris Hilton). Yeah. Hawt. Say it right. No, I am straight. I don't like girls. Just emphasizing.

Well, since I was walking like a drunken bitch, I hit her by accident. My fault(obviously!). Then I got back down to earth and get a hold of my senses. No more banshee laughters. Legs pinned to the ground. Guilt filled this once joyful heart.

Drunken Bitch : (stopped on her steps and was shaking like a dog)Ouh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't see. Sorry.

Hawt Girl : (crooked her eyebrows, fixed her hair, straightened her top)

Drunken Bitch : My apologies. (walked away)

After a few steps....

Hawt Girl : Haven't your daddy taught you how to walk??

Drunken Bitch : (turned back and move closer) Yeah, he did. He too taught me not to be rude. I'm sure your daddy taught you the same thing. You ought to listen to him. (grinned and walked away, again)

Listen to your daddy while you still can

4 screams:

Shadjihar said...

isn't it 'taught' instead of 'thought'?
just wondering...

ohdamn,i hate every paris hilton wannabe.
puh-lease! haha :D

Lily Cartina said...

yeah..damnit..sorry..thank u for correcting me.

cinta said...

go lily.
good lesson for her.

Lily Cartina said...

to nana : a good lesson for me too i guess. don't laugh too hard while walking. heh