Saturday, January 31, 2009

A lady, I am

No, I am no longer that girl you think you once knew. If this happened back then, maybe, just maybe, I will cry myself out until my tears dried up and begged on my knees for you to tay and not walk out.

No, I am not that girl.
I too am not a big girl.
But I am now a lady.

As a lady, I respect every decision you made although everything decided will have a great impact on me. Some may say that the impact is to great to bear. Well, the greater the impact the greater I will be.

For the first time in my life,
I did not shed a tear when you bid farewell. Instead, I had a smile on my face. No, not because I feel hatred for you. But it was because I was no longer left in the dark. Because I finally know what you want. Because I believe to love is to let go. I swear to God I did not cry.

Go then.
Do whatever you want.
Find whatever you're looking for.
But please come back.
Although it was just for a while,
come back. please.
You are always welcome.

I love you.

2 screams:

C.E.@ said...

we both know the fact that you would be just a fine young lass.


Lily Cartina said...

to amin : thanks bro. *smile*