Friday, January 2, 2009

Relics of Wonder

Of the year 2008

Go ahead and Try
Regardless what the results will be. Regardless how things will turn out. Try. Go ahead and try. Do whatever you want. Chase your desire. Don't be afraid. Some may even think that what you're doing are stupid. But you know what is best for you. You know what you want. So go for it. Don't be afraid. Try, just try. Show your enthusiasm. Let out all your spirit. Doesn't matter whether or not you make it. Because that one, is not for us to decide. It's all in the Almighty God's hand to lend us some of his desirables to us. If he says he will, then he will. If he says he wont, then he wont. Who the hell do you think you are to argue with God anyway? But try. So go ahead. Try.

Go ahead and Cry
No, you are not weak if you cry. Even if you cry everyday, that doesn't mean that you are weak. Not at all. Sometimes, because that is the only. The only way to let go. The only way to heal. Let the pain and sorrow flow out along with the tears. Cry. It's okay. It's not a crime. Cry when you are in pain. In fact, when you cry, it shows that you are smarter and stronger. Why? Because although you are in pain, you do not result to drugs,drinking,or cutting yourself. All you do is cry, and that is smart. That is the only. So go ahead. Cry.

Go ahead and Smile
Things are so hard, smile. Things are so tangled up, smile. Things are messed up, smile. Why? Because God remembers you. Yes he does. How come? That is why he put some obstacle along your boulevard of life. He cares. Yes, evil comes in disguise and vice-versa. With all this obstacle ahead of you, with all this cut on you, with all this pain in you, you may feel like God hates you so much that He is giving you a little taste of Hell on Earth. Yes, he gives you Hell on Earth so that you wont have to go to the real Hell. So that in the afterlife, you can live happily ever after in Heaven. Don't deny the fact that when we are high with the dose desirables of this world, we forget everything including the Almighty who lend us His desirables in the first place. So, he take away those things so we get back on our feet down to earth on the way to Heaven. He take away the pleasure just so we remember Him. Just so we say His name more often. Just so we pray to Him. That's all. He is helping us. Helping us building the path to Heaven. The more obstacle you receive, the more He loves you. So go ahead. Smile.

Go ahead but always look back

4 screams:

akim said...

don't CRY 4 sumtin worthless.
give a TRY 4 sumtin worthy..
you'll SMILE when u get it.

cold aqua tomato said...

lily, this post is beautiful indeed, it is. after i read it halfway, i was like "this is what i need..". serious, this post suits me in some ways. thanks for this post.

by the way, do you still working?. because everytime i go there, i rarely see you. just asking.


Sengal Ubi said...

Wishing you a great year ahead.

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

go ahead n gimme another scoop of BR!~~