Friday, February 13, 2009

Disgust you, delights me.

Once in a while, you will come home late from work or maybe you just went to hang out with some friends. I don't mind that. But I will patiently wait for you. Wait for you at the living room while watching T.V with your sweater around me. When you get home, I might have fallen asleep on the couch with the T.V still on with your sweater wrapped around me. I hope you will kneel down beside me and kiss my forehead. I shall open my eyes and see you smiling politely at me. What a beautiful sight, I thought. I look at you dreamily. "Sayang, dah makan?" I will ask softly. You shook your head although you have eaten because you saw plenty of untouch food on the dining table. So, I got up slowly and wash my face then reheat the food for you. You stare at me and offer a helping hand. But I refuse to accept your sincere help and will ask you to wait instead. So you wait at the table until I am done with the food. When the food is ready, you touch hardly a quarter of the meal. I stare at you. You stare back. "Sayang dah makan tadi ye??" I ask. "Tak lah." you'll answer. I kiss your cheeks. "Tak baik tipu tau." You look at me in the eyes. "Sorry honey". I accept your apology with a smile. A few moments later, you are done with your meal and went to clean yourself. I went to do the dishes and then straight to bed. I can hear you in the showers. When you are done, you put on your white singlet and pajama pants. I really love it when you wear your white singlet and pajama pants. You see me in bed under the covers. You think I am fast asleep so, you slowly lie down beside me and hug me from behind. You lay so close beside me until I can smell your Adidas aftershave. All of a sudden you will hear me saying "Wangi la..." You smile and tilt your head a little to see me. My eyes are close but I was smiling. You pinch my cheeks and I can't help but to giggle. "I thought you're asleep darling" you said and rest your chin on my shoulder. I turn to look at you, shook my head and kiss your lips. Then I turn my body to hug your waist and rest my head on your chest. You smell of Adidas body spray. Nice. "Wanginye.." I'll say. You laugh, kiss my nose and pull me closer. "Suke ye?" you'll ask. I nod. I fall asleep to your sweet scent and kiss. Later that night, there is a thunderstorm. You can feel me shivering of coldness in your arms. So, you got up to turn off the fan and come back to bed. Pulling me closer into your arms to keep me warma and secure. "Sayang" I'll say all of a sudden. "Hurm?" you may reply. "I love you" I'll whisper. I hear you chuckle and feel your lips on my forehead. "I love you too".

Marry me.

4 screams:

Shadjihar said...


for this one & below.
nice family,Lily!

Lily Cartina said...


gedik nk kawen sgt. lol

afandi said...

wow.. that's weird... 4get me?

Lily Cartina said...

how can i forget u afandi.