Sunday, February 1, 2009

Window to ones soul : Speaking the unspoken

Please refer to Window to ones Soul : What do you see? before proceeding. Thank You.

Introducing Ian Curtis. The frontman of a 1970st band called Joy Division. Ian was married to his high school girlfriend, Deborah and had a daugther named Natelie.

A year after his marriage, he met two young musicians at a Sex Pistols gig and later formed Joy Division.

Talented young musician he was, he too suffered from epiliptic seizure. Many times the seizure occured while he was performing caused him to stumbled and fall on stage. Thus, he suffered from major depression and emberrasment. From bad to worst, his marriage too was on the rocks.

Thus, most of his songs were base on the themes of emotional isolation, death, alienation, and urban decay. In an interview, he once mentioned that he wrote about "the different ways different people can cope with certain problems, how they might or might not adapt".

As his marriage was falling apart, he went to stay with his parents but attempted to talk to his wife to work things out. But his attempt was done in vain. His wife Debbie, chose to leave him in her house, alone.

On 18 May 1980, after watching Werner Herzog's Stroszek and listened to Iggy Pop's The Idiot, Curtis hung himself in the kitchen as the aftermath of the epilispy and trying to balance him musical career and failing marriage.

The feedbacks I received on Window to ones soul : What do you see? mostly mentioned that his eyes conveyed sadness, emptiness, mesterious, even anger. So, were the eyes telling the truth? Are the eyes really a window to ones soul?Or maybe, as mentioned by that certain someone, he was just bored? *grins*

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Shadjihar said...

i like him.muka dia ada something interesting.

Lily Cartina said...

a movie called Control was made in other to honour him. *smile*