Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour in Kuantan : A Failure

One word


In Kuantan that is.
What's up with these people?
Can't we just not be selfish for just ONE HOUR and devote ourselves to mother nature?
I was so looking forward to Earth Hour because a dear friend of mine from Sydney told me about the Earth Hour there.
It was amazing.
He told me that the city really was dark. All the lights on the city building were turned off. There is a famous Coke sign there which is always on, that sign got turned off during Earth Hour. Even the lights on Sydney's famous harbour bridge were turned off. He told me all this before the Malaysia Earth Hour. I was awed. I was picturing to see the city of Kuantan being dark. A very rare unimaginable scene. But I knew it was possible during Earth Hour.

But I was let down.
It didn't happened. I drove all the way to town during Earth Hour just to see the city of Kuantan in darkness. But it didn't happened. There were lights everywhere. I was hoping that at least the government buildings and the mall will be lights off. But hell no. It was so bright. Almost no lights were turned off.

I was dissapointed.
Because the people in my hometown care not about the environment. It was just one hour and the task was easy, turn off the lights. That's it. But it was a failure. A failure on such easy task. Because we are too selfish. It was just an hour. Can't we just see through the light of the moon for just one hour? Can't we just enjoy the shining star light for just one hour? Can't we just do the least we cand o for out mother nature? Well, from my point of view, we can't. What a shame.

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Aishah Adnan said...

thats why you need to come to!!!! sunway pyramid was darkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! i mean from outside la...

Lily Cartina said...

in 3 months time..
damn i cant wait!!

bulan. said...

people are too selfish.
they don't give a damn.sedih kan?

Lily Cartina said...

very sad indeed.

C.E.@ said...

My house was very dark sampai aku main kejar kejar dengan nyamuk tau.. and i oso heard klcc,kl tower and all semua tutup lampu...

rugila TNB ...hahahaha

Otit said...

Kuantan is forgiven lagi Lily.
here in UMP pun sama jak.
kalo outside ok lagik,sbb different ppl from different walks of life.
in ump?
cmon la..all of ppl here are very well educated.
sejam tu pun dorg xleh nak contribute.
yes,such a pathetic community is growing and expanding now.