Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Engine - Keeps the Heart Pumping,Music Rocking,And Love Bonding.(CHAPTER 12)

Shitty first track

Every song I sing, I sing for you

John Denver

“I don’t know Jimmy, maybe we ought to scratch that part I added. It sucks!” complimented Helena. But the band members shook their head. “To be honest, the part I added makes no sense at all” Vic added. Helena sighed and pouted. Pogue steal a glance at her and smiled. “So cute” he thought. Jimmy somehow disagreed.

Earlier that day the band came into the studio for a rehearsal. Then, to their surprise, Jimmy bought a piece of paper with something he thought would be nice to share and could be Engine’s first track. The whole band thought it would be awesome and with Jimmy’s permission, each of them began adding a piece of their mind into the lyrics.

“Yeah Jimmy, I think this we should not sing” Pointed Add at the few lines he added. ‘It’s just plain shit”. Pogue merely said anything. He just shrugged. Jimmy looked at each of them, who wore the same depressing suckish expression on their faces. “Guys, shit or no shit, this is our song” said Jimmy. “Yeah, it may be suckish, but hell, tell it to someone who cares” demanded Jimmy.

Jimmy’s words sure swept away their doubts of playing that song. Smiles appeared across their faces. Vic agreed with Jimmy. “Yeah, as if the Beatles didn’t suck at first.” The spirit and enthusiasm grew inside each of them. Pogue grabbed his bass guitar and said “Lets jamm to out first shitty track”. So there they were, rehearsing to their shitty first track. All Hail Sir Caffeine.

All Hail Sir Caffeine

Staring blankly at the TV
With my tired eyes
Heart is still throbbing
After so many sobbing
Didn’t eat but I threw out
Not sure how long I’ve stayed up

No way I’m calling a night
No way I’m getting my eyes shut

All Hail Sir Caffeine
You drew a thin line between me and my dreams
All Hail Sir Caffeine
You keep me awake
So I don’t have to wake up with salty tears on my face

Plug in the headphones
Turn up the volume
Rock to the heavy metal
Scream of devastation fill my room
Look up at the midnight sky
The colour bloody damn dark
My blood is icy cold
Cold like fuck

No way I'm calling a night
No way I getting my eyes shut


Sir Caffeine
Do not leave my side
She comes to my dream each and every night
Now that cuts deep, I love her like fuck
I can’t handle the excruciating pain
I don’t have the bloody might

Chorus till end

By the end of the song, silence filled the studio. All 5 of them had this unbelievable look on their face. Pogue turned to look at Helena. This time, she didn’t look away. She looked directly at him. Their eyes met. Pogue couldn’t help but to feel sorry, to feel guilty. He knew a part of that song explained how she felt. That look she casted upon him, was so full of love, yet so full of sorrow.

Add sat on the amp, he felt heavy at heart. He lifted his t shirt sleeve and looked at the wound. It had been a few days but the wound still looked fresh. Red and horrifying. But it was nothing compare to the wound he had inside. If those wounds can be made visible, it will be much more terrible than the one he had on his arms. Right now, he could feel those wounds inside throbbing.

From behind the drum set, he could feel the connection between Pogue and Helena. He stared at Helena, her eyes had so much love for Pogue. How he longed her to look at him like that, but he knew that was not going to happen. He was after all, just a friend.

Vic was still grabbing the microphone, his eyes stared at the blank walls. His clench were tight and his jaws tightened. There was some kind of fury filled his heart. Some kind of angst.

“Wasn’t that bad, was it?” Jimmy broke the silence. Everyone turned to look at him. Add smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it was okay. Really.” said Vic. Pogue snorted “We have a song. Damn. Wicked.” Helena sat crossed legs on the floor. “That really was our song” she said and emphasized on the word “our”. “We sang our heart out”. The others looked at her. “True” Add agreed. “Very true indeed” said Jimmy.

Vic walked to the back of the studio to get his bottle of beer. He looked at the shirtless Pogue and saw something different about him. He scanned Pogue from top to bottom to figure out the difference. His eyes then locked at Pogue’s lower abs. His eyes locked and there was a smile across his face. Pogue then realized that Vic had this weird smile on his face and was looking at the part where he thought he was not suppose to. “What the hell are you looking at dude?” he asked and spanked Vic’s head.“Dude, I never knew you were interested in cocks” Pogue said. Add eyes widened, he was not sure whether or not to laugh. Helena crooked her eyebrows and looked at Vic. “What the fuck?” was all Jimmy could say.

“I don’t like cocks dickhead!” said Vic. “Then why were you staring at mine?” asked Pogue. “And you had that really weird smile.” Vic laughed and said “Like hell I was staring at your cock. I was looking at that.” Pointed Vic at a new tattoo on Pogue’s lower abs. Now all eyes were on them. “Oh..” said Pogue followed by a wryly laugh. “That thing..right..” Vic smiled and spanked Pogue's head. “Yeah dickhead, I was looking at that.”
Jimmy got on his feet and walked towards Pogue to get a closer view of the new tattoo. “Awesome. When did you get that?”
“2 days ago. At Paul’s” answered Pogue. Then, Add and Helena joined the others to look at the new tattoo. “Nice” said Add.

Helena moved forward. Closer to Pogue. Close. Really close. She stood right in front of him and looked down at the tattoo. “It is beautiful” she said slowly. Almost like she was whispering. Pogue stood still. He didn’t move a muscle except his lips. He bit them. Helena then brushed her small, cold fingers through the tattoo. Pogue almost lost his breath. “Holy shit” he cursed under his breath. He had that feeling once again. That feeling he had that night when he was with her. The feeling of wanting to kiss her. The feeling of longing for her. The feeling of guilty pleasure. She kept on moving her fingers through his abs until, as much as he didn’t want to, he pushed her hands away slowly.

She then looked up to him with her big brown eyes. Pogue, who was still biting his lips were speechless. "Don't look at me like that girl" he thought. He was trying his best to stood still and not touch her. That look she gave him, weakened him. It was like Superman being near Kryptonite.“It truly describes you” said Helena. She then took a few steps backward and with that, Pogue can breath once again. Yes, the new tattoo undoubtedly describes Pogue. The best description of him. Now permanently tattooed on his lower abs. It says THE SON OF RAGE AND LOVE.

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