Monday, March 9, 2009

It's all about mentality

Learning Maths and Science in English has got nothing to do with our patriotism, loyalty and respect towards our mother tongue, that is Bahasa Melayu. It is just a matter of learning something new, something better and something that is needed in the development of oneself and the country.

Pardon me but I suppose it is just the nature of most Malays to linger in the so called comfort zone and not allowing something new to evolve around them although it's for the better. Oh sorry, I should have use the word "us" not "them". For I too am a Malay.

Once again, my apologies but as I can see, the idea of learning Maths and Science in English is rejected mostly by those people who live in rural areas. People with lack of English speaking experience and with the mindset of English as "bahasa penjajah".

These people who have this thing against English find it hard for them to cope with what their children are learning in school for they know so little about English, thus, they see teaching Maths and Science in English as a burden. With that, they want the idea to be diminished for the best.

Who's best?
The children s' best?
or the parents' best?

Now, lets look at the situation.
Who voiced out the issue of downgrading Bahasa Melayu? Was it the parents or the students?

As far as I'm concern,
the students has nothing against it. Proof? The public examination results. The results still shows improvement although Maths ans Science subjects are being taught in English. So, this means that the students has nothing against it.

Well, it is clear that diminishing the method of learning Maths and Science in English is for the best of the parents. Just because they were not educated with English, they want their children to go through the same thing they did. In short, they don't want their children to be smart. Because they are not.

Thus, they use the downgrading Bahasa Melayu issue to stop their children from learning new things.

Look, my mother taught me to speak English since I was born. I've been speaking English for almost 18 years but I never even downgrade or disrespect my mother tongue. I can speak and write very well in Bahasa Melayu. My mother is an English lecturer yet she writes beautiful Malay poetries. So whoever that said those who speak English is downgrading Bahasa Melayu is so wrong. Because we never did. Just because you don't understand English, you accuse us of being non patriotic.

I appreciate your patriotism and concern about our language but then, it you are really patriotic, then you will think what is best for your country, not for your own self.

To me, those who can speak, understand, and learn English or any other language is not downgrading Bahasa Melayu. Because we never thought of it that way. But those who came up with the idea that people are downgrading Bahasa Melayu, they themselves are downgrading the language since they thought of it.

Face it, learning Maths and Science in English has got nothing to do with non patriotism or downgrading Bahasa Malayu.
Nothing at all.

If you think we are downgrading the language, then it is you who's downgrading the language.

Your mentality says it all.

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