Sunday, March 22, 2009

Voices #2

The very next day, he stood at the usual staircase. He had sleepless night because of the incident the other day. The Pepsi incident. He really felt like shit. Spilled a whole can of Pepsi on a girl. Come on! That was the shittiest thing that he ever did. it probably wont feel so bad if it was a guy. But it was a girl! And she said nothing of it. Not a complain about her hair being out of place. Out her clothes soaked in Pepsi. Most girls would have shrieked even when a little bit of tomato ketchup spilled on their designer's clothes. But she was soaked in a whole can of Pepsi and she still managed to smile. For that, he bore an ultimate guilt an embarrassment.

It had been almost 15 minutes. He was restless. Left foot were tapping and uncountable amount of cigarette has been burnt. He wanted to see that girl but he didn't have the slightest idea what to say or do. His eyes scanned through the crowds and stopped at the end of the hallway. His views narrowed to her. He was with a few other girls. Could be her classmates. Then he saw them wave goodbye at her and she walked towards the stairs. "Sex pistols. heh" he was referring tot he t shirt that girl was wearing. As she drew closer,he could feel this excitement and eagerness yet at the same time the guilt and embarrassment grew deeper. "Still can run" he thought and sucked his cigarette deeper than ever. He then shook his head "Cut off your dick if you run. Don't be a pussy." he convinced himself.

So there she was. About time. She was just about to sit the stairs when she saw him. He suddenly felt the chill down his spines and froze. He couldn't even blink. They look at each other for a few minutes. She then cut the awkward session by smiling politely and wave her hands at him. The warm smile melted the invincible ice that covered him a few minutes ago. He could finally breath and, well, feel alive again. He returned her smile. "hey you" he greeted her, who was already sitting. She tilted her neck to look at him. He looked straight at her. "She have big eyes" he thought. "uh, you mind if I sit here?" she shook her head and moved her bag to give him some space. "Thanks" he said and sit beside her. There was a moment a silent since he really had no idea what to say. He felt really weird and totally awkward. He was not sure why. It's not that she never sat beside a girl before. Hell no. This guy was born to mingle with girls. But this time, this girl, whom he was sitting beside, whom he spilled Pepsi on, brought awkwardness along with her. But to his surprise she appeared all relax and comfortable. His knees were shaking and his palms were sweating. But she, on the other hand, seem just fine. She was either really cool with his presence or she is excellent at hiding her emotions. He looked at her. Not a single movement of uncomfortable, nervousness, nothing. It was like, she really didn't mind his presence. She just sat there, looking very relax reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

"Whoa, hold on. A novel? What happened to her little black book?" he wondered. He really was hoping that she would start the conversation but his hope was slim. So, in order to kill the silence, he ought to talk. "Hey, uh, I want to apologize about yesterday, I was just chilling here then one of my stupid friend yelled to me out of nowhere.I got shocked and dropped the know...." he realized that he was out of words but saw he giggling slowly. Almost soundlessly. She closed her book and turned to face him. She just looked him and giggled. Again, very very slowly. He could just see her expression but couldn't hear any sound. She was giggling, but very very slowly, perhaps soundlessly. "I'm really sorry" he said. She nodded and giggled at the same time. Then he couldn't help himself but to join the club. He burst into a small laughter. "So, you're not angry with me?" he asked. She tapped his shoulder and shook her head. "Thanks. Very kind of you" he said. He sighed of relief and she continued with her reading. "Where is that little black book?" he wondered. Did she keep it since he was around? Did she not want to expose the book with a presence of a soul other than hers?

He was just about to utter a question regarding that little black book when she shoved the novel into her bag and stood up. he tapped her right hand index finger onto her left wrist indicating it was time for something. Another class perhaps. "Ouh, yeah, ok. I guess I'll see you later then." She nodded and waved at him. He waved back. He then look at his watch and realized that he too needed to attend a class. So, he got up lazily on his feet, lit up a cigarette and walked to class. "She didn't tell me her name" he thought as he was walking.

Once again, I was bored so my imaginations run wild.

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Seronok membaca... ^^