Thursday, March 12, 2009


There he stood at the corridor facing the college's cafeteria with his old best friend, the cigarette and a few other friends around him. His friends were talking about their last hang out and the hot girls they met along the way. He was teased for being eyed the most. He just snorted and didn't pay much attention to them. Not that he was bored or being rude, it's just that he was busy. Busy figuring out someone.

That girl over there. On the stairs. In her baju kurung and adidas skate shoes. Her hair a little our of place as usual and she had this little black notebook with her. Which from his observation, she carried all the time. The first time he saw her was when the semester started. At that same stairs, he and his friends used to get to class and saw her sitting there, listening to her MP3 player and writing in her little black book.

He took another puff of his cigarette and continued examining the girl. She was so into writing. She'll be either writing or reading in that book for almost all the time. It was as if that book was her only friend.

They've bumped into each other a few times but never really talked to each other. Once at the boutique where the girl bought an Ian Curtis t-shirt.
"You like Joy Division?" he asked.
She answered with a nod and smiled. Then she walked out of the store. He watched her walk away. "cool" he thought.

Another puff, he took. The curiosity grew deeper by the second. "I have to go check out what's in that book". he put out a cigarette and abandoned his friends. "Where are you going man?" asked one of them. "Somewhere" he answered and headed to the stairs. As he drew closer, he got a closer look at her. She didn't look up to see him. She was so into that little black book. He stopped at the soft drink machine nearby to get catch a clearer view. He wasn't really thirsty but he added coins into the machine anyway. To make it a little less obvious. He did get a clearer view. She appeared to be a little different. A little hardcore. Well, the way she dressed. Baju kurung and skateshoes. Damn. And wrist occupied with bangles. He took a look at her bag. Pinned with badges. Then he shifted his view to her face. She was kinda fair and had this layered long black hair. He smiled. "Not bad.heh".

"You gonna buy that drink or not?" said a voice from behind him. He looked at that guy behind him and pressed the Pepsi button. He then walked up the stairs and stopped halfway. All of a sudden she looked at him with her big dark brown eyes. It was the first time he had a good look at her face. Her facial expression showed no signs of "i want to be alone" or "this stairs belongs to me". She just looked blankly at him. Maybe she was smiling a little bit. "Uh, waiting for a friend" he said. She nodded and smiled at him. He smiled back. She then got back to "work".

Now that he was so close, the hope to catch a glimpse of the content of the little black notebook skyrocketed. Since she was sitting at the left side of the stairs, he moved slowly, soundlessly, carefully to the left until "Dude!!" yelled a friend of his from above the stairs. He was shocked and dropped the can of Pepsi. Yeah, she had a Pepsi bath that day. But somehow, her notebook was safe. Not a drop of Pepsi on it. "Fuck!" he raced down the stairs. "Hey,'re all wet". She wiped the Pepsi using a tissue, which seem not to have any effect on the cleaning. He crooked his eyebrows. "I'm really sorry". He looked at him straight into his eyes and nodded. "I'm sorry" he repeated. She nodded and smiled, again. This time she even held his shoulder. He felt terrible for what happened. "Do you want me to send you home?" he offered. She shook her head. "Are you sure?". She nodded. A few minutes later, she waved her hand and disappeared into the crowds.

"Dude, what the hell were you doing just now?" asked his friends. He looked at his friends and crooked his eyebrows. He too walked away. Along the way, he realized something. That girl didn't utter a word.

Just a little piece of my extream imagination. It gets worst when I'm bored.

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C.E.@ said...

suicidal we are when boredom explodes.

Lily Cartina said...

very suicidal indeed