Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Pain

It was a sunny afternoon. The newlyweds, well, not that new, they've been married for almost 6 months now, anyway, they were sitting on the 2 seated couch enjoying their afternoon. The husband was wearing only a pair of jeans with his guitar in his hands while the wife sat close to him,laying her head on his shoulder wearing her hot pants and t shirt while watching That 70st Show.
"I wish I have studied something else other than Marine Safety" he said all of a sudden. "Why honey?" asked the wife, eyes still fixed on the TV. "Well, if I had a degree in something else, then I wont have to do what I have to do now." he explained. She crooked her eyebrows, "what do you mean? I thought you like what you're doing" she asked. "Well, yeah, I do, but then, I have to be away for so long." Then, sighed and plucked the guitar strings and produced a mellow melody.

Being away. His job sure paid good, but he had to earn it by being away for quite a while. Today was actually the third day they spent together since he got a 3 weeks off after being offshore for almost 2 months. Although they had been married for almost 6 months, the amount of days they get to be together were merely 3 months.

The mellow melody he was playing represented his heart. That's what she loves about him. He played guitar with his heart. Now, he was playing the mellow melody, which meant he was feeling down,feeling mellow. She kissed his neck. She really love doing that. Not that long lingering kiss, but just one kiss. Like a kiss on the cheeks or forehead. But she did it on his neck. He looked at his wife and smiled. "Don't you miss me?" he asked. "You think?" she asked back. He made that pouty face. That cute pouty face. "I don't know" he said. That statement really made her laughed. "You don't know if I miss you sweetie?". He shrugged. " never seem sad or anything..". She turned down the volume of the TV although Fez was being really stupid on the show.

Then,she moved closer, hung her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. "You've never seen me sad because I'm so happy to be with you." she said. "Only God knows how much I miss you while you were away. I waited for your calls although I got nothing much to say. But it was heavenly to hear your voice. Sometimes, it made me cry every time you said you missed me. Because I missed you too. So much." She continued. He put down his guitar and hugged his wife. His beloved beautiful wife. "That is why I wish I could have done something else for a living. It hurts you as much as it hurts me to be away" he said and brushed his lips on his wife's forehead. "But those pain disappeared completely when you came home" she said softly. "Nothing else matters except to be with you" she added. "ouh,yes..nothing else matters.none" he agreed. Then he felt her arms tightened around him. "We wont have that kind of excitement if you weren't away." That sentence got him thinking. "I mean, since you have to be away most of the time, we tend to really appreciate the time we spend together. We treasure them. Simple things like having your arms around me at night, waking up beside you, laughing with you, having breakfast with you, just siting doing nothing with you, all those simple everyday things means a lot to me since I don't get to do it everyday." she said. "Since WE don't get to do it everyday" he corrected. "Sorry" she apologized. He accepted her apology with a smile.

"We appreciate each other more honey.Yes, it hurts. Being away from you, from someone I love so much, of course it hurts. The pain was unbearable." she said. "I"m sorry for causing you so much pain darling" he felt his throat tightened. "But it's a beautiful pain" she added and kissed his cheeks. "The pain we both felt. The pain of missing each other. The pain of longing for each other. The pain that bonded us. The pain that made us embrace each other even more." Now he couldn't hold back any longer. His vision went blurry since tears flooded his eyes. Never before he felt so loved. Never before had he heard such beautiful meaningful words. Never before he met someone so special. Never before he realize that he married an angel. "A beautiful pain indeed" he told his wife. She looked at him with a very cute worried expression on her face "ouh..honey..don't cry..". He laughed in his tears and cupped his wife cheeks "I love you beautiful..I really do..". She wiped away his tears with her thumb, kissed his lips and hugged him tight. "I love you too..and I always will..". She was right. Although being away from each other hurts so much, but without them, maybe they wont experience this magical feeling of loving each other, the magical feeling not everyone had. It was the pain for a good cause. It was the pain that brought them closer. It was the pain they both felt. It was indeed, a beautiful pain.

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aizamia said...

it's really beautiful =)

Lily Cartina said...

thank you.

zarip said...

karangan kah?
nice btw.

Lily Cartina said...

well, it's fiction.
thank you. :)

sol said...

rawr2. absence makes the heart grows fonder?


didnt happen to me. ended up us forgetting to love each other. we broke up XD hahahahaha

Lily Cartina said...

well, maybe u haven't found the right one love.

sol said...

i thought i did tho. rupenye tak. hahaha. will wait. summore. hopefully jumpe before me turns 25 hahaha. tanak kawen lambat!

Lily Cartina said...

same here!
wanna get married and have children A.S.A.P! lol.
but then,
who wants to marry me? lol