Tuesday, April 7, 2009

But I'm not you

I'll listen, but I wont follow.

I wont.

For I have my own way.

I have my own life.

Pardon me for not taking your advices to a good use.

But I have plans.

My own plans for my own life.

I know you're gonna say "I told you so" when I fall.

Well, tell it to someone who cares.

Because I don't.

I fall and that is my lesson.

I'm hurt and that is my trophy.

All mine.

Thus, I am proud of it.

So pardon me,

I'll listen, but I wont follow.

For I want to be remember for who I am.

Not for who you want me to be.

"But I'm not you, I may not be perfect, but I've always been true."

5 screams:

C.E.@ said...

Sebab hidup memang palat jika yang lain mengawal bukan memimpin.

So back off kan? kan?

Lily Cartina said...

benar abang.
bukan tak mahu dibantu,
bukan tak hargai pertolongan.
tetapi jangan marah bila nasihat itu tidak diguna pakai.
dan kalau saya jatuh,
takpe lah.
belajar bangun sendiri.
kalau asyik org pimpin,
mmg takkan jatuh.
kalau tak pernah jatuh,
mcmane nk belajar bangun kan?

sol said...

lol. g translate plak. XD

i wish i could tell that to ma mum n dad when they put me in college. :)

Lily Cartina said...

tak sengaje. *blush*

Recordnice Studio said...

as salam

yow2 mcmne nak follow?

kuantan pahang to the top. =)