Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dreams do come true

"Thank you everyone! have a nice day!" and so she ended her show with a bow. Awesome. Fucking awesome. That was the best way to described it. It was her very first public performance. Before this she only performed in private family or college occasions. She felt great. Although she knew that people were going to say "No better than Yuna". But hey, screw them. She was not trying to be Yuna. So tell it to someone who cares. At least she tried her best. Even if she sucked, she sucked as herself. She didn't care. All she knew was that she really enjoyed herself.

So did her singing partner.

It was a duet actually. With one of her buddies, who was one talented guitarist. She asked if he wanted to perform with her as the lead guitarist and backing vocals while she played rhythm and sang. Well, you knew the answer. He agreed and there they were, done with their performance. They did covers of Avenged Sevenfold's "Dear God" and The Beatles' "With a little help from my friend".

So, how was it really?

"Yeah guys!! you rock!!!" yelled one of the audience. "I wanna be your boyfriend!" said a voice from the crowd. Both of them looked at each other and smiled. They felt great, really. Now, another performance was going on. Both of them were at the backstage, sipping their soft drink sponsored by the organizers, until she received a test message from one of their friends. "You guys were awesome!! but where the hell are you guys?". Then only they realized that their friends and her cousins were waiting outside.

So they began packing their stuff and guitars to get their hell out of there. "Aite, I'm done." she said. "You ready?" she asked. He seemed as if he was searching for something. Moved all over the place and searched every inch. "Dude? what's wrong?" she asked. He paused for a minute. Hands on his waist. "Uh, you go first. I'll be with you in a minute." and went back to the searching. "No, I'll help you. What are you looking for? Your phone?". He shook his head. "No, you go. Don't keep them waiting. I"ll be there. Okay?" he insisted. She nodded and walked out.

The crowd were quite big so it took her a few minutes to spot her friends and cousins. She saw them first and walked towards them. Halfway through, they saw her, waved excitedly and screamed her name. Everyone looked at them and threw an unpleasant glance but hell, since when do these people care? A wide grin appeared across her face. She was so please to see her friends and cousins all hyped up and happy. Thus, she increased her pace to join the fun until they shifted their view towards the stage with a surprised look on their faces. It was weird. There must be something really interesting going on stage. But, before she could turn her back to find out...

"This one is especially for you Girl"

She froze. She knew that voice. She knew it very well.

Then he began to play an intro of her "Dream Song". The "Dream Song" was the song she wished to be sang to her by someone she really loved.

Let me be the one who calls you baby all the time

He sang the first line. That officially paralyzed her. Now she really couldn't move any muscle. She became numb. All eyes were upon her. But she couldn't move. she couldn't think.

I found my place in the world. Could stare at your face, for the rest of my days

That got her to shiver. She was not sure why but she was shivering. Then she saw friends and cousins looking at her and the person singing on stage. All smiling and looking pleased. It was nice seeing them like that, but then her throat felt tight.

Still, she had not moved a step.

When I'm alone, time goes so slow.
I need you here with me.
All my mistakes, make your heart break.
Still I need you here with me.
So baby I'm, baby I'm here

Then,she couldn't hold it any longer. She turned to face the stage to look at him.

There he was, her singing partner. Up on the stage, singing the "Dream Song" for her. He looked at her with the most loving expression on his face. Something that said "I've fallen so deeply for you".

Warm and alive, I'm all over you.
Would you smother me?

Still, she couldn't do anything. She could just stare at him in disbelief.

Let me be the one who calls you baby. The one who calls you baby.

The song ended and it received the loudest applause from the crowd that evening. Then it went silent. Seriously, everyone went silent. It was unbelievable, a crowd of almost 100 people, all went silent. Just patiently waiting for what will happen next.

Will it be a happy ending where two lovers unite?
Will someone go home with a broken heart?

Her heart was thumping. Thumping harder than ever. She thought she could hear them thumped. For a few minutes, he looked at her from up the stage. Then he jumped off the stage and walked towards her. Along the way, everyone moved back to give way to him. He was like a royalty that day. Her heart thumped faster. Harder. It could have came out.

"Silly boy" was all she could say when he stopped right in front of her. He blinked, as if he couldn't believed what he just heard. "Yeah, I"m sorry" he said, looking down. "But that what makes you special..." she said. "baby" she added. He looked up at her in an instance and but his lips. There was a rush of euphoria in him. "You silly girl" he said. "That's why I love you" he added and pulled her close.

It was so pleasant. It was heavenly. The hugging and the singing. The singing of the "Dream Song" for her by the one she loved. By the one she secretly loved. Yes, she had been in love with him for quite a while. It took her almost a year to realize that she actually loved him and another few months for this to happened, for him to sang the "Dream Song" to her.

To be in his arms, she felt warm and alive. She wrapped her arms around him, rested her head on his chest with her eyes closed. She could feel his lips brushed against her hair. "I've love you all along" she whispered.

It was all to good to be true for her. It almost felt like she was dreaming. Except she wasn't. It was not a dream, it was a dream come true. It felt awesome. Fucking awesome.

"Dream Song"

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