Thursday, April 2, 2009

For every lost, there's a gain.

The day was gloomy as the sky was grey. Was mother earth betraying her by hiding her beautiful sunlight? Or was She sad to see unhappy? Underneath the grey gloomy sky, stood three young adults in a triangular form. She stood facing two gentlemen. She looked at both of them. Examine them.

The guy on the right.
He was her best friend. Was. Long time ago. They shared almost everything together. All their darkest secrets and silliest stories. They were each others' backbone. One need the other to stand tall. They use to recite poems, tell stories,sang to each other and took an oath never to leave one another. He was her shoulder to cry on. His t-shirt was her tissue paper. Until one day, they fall for each other and she betrayed his trust. It was an accident, but it was unacceptable. She couldn't even forgive herself, what else him, the one who was betrayed. Thus, they fell apart. The oath was broken. They wasn't sure who left first, but they fell apart. And she gone through hell, alone. Only God knows how much she missed him. She was in agony. But she still waited for him and believed that they shall meet again someday.

Until she met him. The guy on the left.
He was the healer. She avoided him in the early days because she thought he will sooner or later he will leave her since she was a fucked up emo freak girl. But the more she avoided him, she closer he came. Until he caught her. Caught her and keep her safe and warm. Kissed away those pain. Wipe away those sorrow with his smile. Never make her feel alone although sometimes the distance between them were miles. He loved her, and she loved him. It had been going on and going strong for almost 3 years.

As she wished, her best friend came back.
Her long lost best friend.
Her best friend who left her in pain.
Her best friend who she missed like hell.
Her best friend who she waited in agony to come back.
Her long lost best friend who she fell in love with.
Now he stood right in front of her, beside the man who she thought will be the love of her life.

Those pair of tired eyes stared at those 2 men. There was a tiny part of her that said how lucky she was to have 2 men to love her. But a huge part of her said it was not as delightful. Because she was going to hurt one of them. One of the men who loved her. She looked at her long lost best friend. She remembered those eyes. Those big brown eyes with curly eyelashes. Then she shifted her view to her lover. He looked so casual and calm but she knew deep inside he was anxious. He had always been good at in. Hiding his true feelings. He smiled at her. She smiled back. He looked so pleased, which hurts her. "How can he be so pleased at me? I may going to hurt him."

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

She saw both of them made a movement to come forward but she raised her hand, signalling them to stop. To let her do this alone. "Don't cry girl. Please." said her long lost best friend. She laughed in her tears. "Same old..same old.." she thought. For that was the exact line that he used to stop her from crying back then. Her lover stared at her. "I love you little girl.." he said. She looked up to him. He smiled at her. It hurts her even more. "But I won't be selfish and force you to love me. I won't. But I know I'll still love you." She was choking hard and her hands were trembling.

It was time.
Time to decide.
It was now or never.
She wiped her tears, took a deep breath and took a step forward.

A step forward to the right.

She moved slowly towards her best friend. Her best friend who she had been waiting for so long. Her best friend who she fell in love with. Her lover for 3 years smiled. He looked at the love of his life walking towards another man with a smile on his face. Smiling in vain. Smiling in pain.

As she was so close to her best friend,
she stopped. Right in front of him. "Hey" he said. She looked at him and curled a smile. Then she swung her arms around him. She hugged him tight. She really do miss him. She had been waiting for this to happened for years. Now it did. Her wish was granted. She then let go of him. He smiled. She then tilted her head and kissed him on the forehead. "I miss you.." she said. "I miss you too" he replied. He was still holding on to her waist. She then pushed his hands away from her waist and held them. "But you left" she said, and that wiped the smile off his face. "and I remember you as my best friend. Thus, as a best friend I miss you as." She ended the sentence and turned her back on him.

Now she was walking towards the love of her life.

Her lover stared in disbelief. He really thought he lost her. But he didn't. She was walking towards him. Gracefully, beautifully, with a sweet smile on her face. He spread her arms and caught her. He hugged her as if she had been gone for so long. She closed her eyes, feeling to glad to be in his arms. She could ask for nothing more. "I thought I was going to lose you" he said, his voice choking. "I love you..I really do" she said. "You caught me, and now I can't escape" she added. She pulled away a little to make some space to kiss him. "And I like it that way" she said. "I shall hold you tight then" he said and took his girl's hand and walked away. There were cheerful smile on their faces. Smiles of love.

The grey shades in the sky vanished.
Replaces by the yellow shades of the sunlight.

The sunlight grew brighter along with their smiles.

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